Use These Sacred Herbs To Steam Your Yoni

Usha Anandi. 25 | OCTOBER | 2020

Yoni steaming is fast becoming one of the most popular rituals to encourage healing, connection, and warmth in the womb space.

And although you may hear about this practice on your favorite influencer’s account, I want to make it clear – yoni steaming isn’t some elitist fad.

This practice has been around for thousands of years and is utilized throughout many healing traditions and cultures.

My favorite aspect of yoni steaming is its accessibility.

It’s a ritual you can do on your own time, in your own home, with herbs that grow around you and still see MAJOR results.

I want you to know that on your healing journey, you have options. That’s why I’m taking the time to break down some of the common questions I receive around yoni steaming…

So let’s get steamy, shall we?

First, let it be made clear that I’m choosing to use the Sanskrit word yoni in place of vagina or vulva.

Vagina means “sheath” as in a sheath for someone’s sword. And similarly, vulva means “wrapping”.

Although I believe it is both empowering and important to know the anatomy of your body, these terms are heteronormative and phallocentric, so instead – I choose consciously to use yoni.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word, known as one of the oldest recorded languages, each unique Sanskrit word is embodied through vibration. Quite literally meaning, if you speak it or hear it, some understanding of it’s meaning registers in your being – whether you intellectually understand it or not.

Yoni translates to “sacred passageway” or more literally, “Source”.

And in a world where our anatomy is often shamed, abused, and objectified by both ourselves, society, and others – we need all the remembrance of the sacred Source of all life that we can get!

As a postpartum doula, I have seen yoni steaming work WONDERS for my postpartum clients on their journey of healing after birth.

But that’s not all this ritual is good for. I’ve seen it work wonders in the following situations:

  • Painful periods⁠
  • Postpartum healing ⁠
  • Prolapse⁠
  • Menstrual irregularities⁠
  • PCOS ⁠
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis⁠
  • Miscarriage + Abortion ⁠
  • Difficulties in conceiving ⁠
  • Womb trauma

And even if you don’t have any experience with any of the above, you might still want to give the ritual a try to form a deeper connection with your womb.

And while the patriarchal medical system largely continues to discount the efficacy of a practice that has been proven through time-tested evidence provided by midwives, doulas, and herbalists alike…

There are a few studies that prove the benefits of the practice – here’s my favorite.

Remember, just because there’s no “proven scientific evidence” according to some sources, doesn’t mean that steaming doesn’t work.

Long-term clinical studies and trials are complicated, arduous, and most importantly – EXPENSIVE. Due to their large expense, they’re usually backed by pharmaceutical companies who have an interest in the results.

We’ve reached a day and age where even science is political.

Why would a pharmaceutical company that profits off of your prescription(s) back research that could cause loss of business? Short answer: they don’t.

Though through empirical evidence and clinical experience with thousands of clients myself, I’ve seen what yoni steaming can do.

And that’s all I need, to know it can work.

If you’ve arrived here and you’re still not sure exactly how to prepare a steam, check out the previous blog:

But now, let’s talk about positions for steaming, because being comfortable while you steam SO important!

The Positions


In this position, you place your pot on the ground and squat over it. Make sure that you are either wearing a long skirt or using a few towels to ensure the steam is guided towards your yoni.


In this position, you are completely supported by the ground beneath you.

And for this reason, it’s great for those with less stamina such as postpartum mamas or those suffering from fatigue.

Ensure your knees are wider than hips distance so you can fit your pot in between. And again ensure you are using either a skirt or towels to guide the steam.

Steaming Stool

If you want to feel truly supported while steaming this is the best option. Though buying a steaming stool can be expensive it is a great option for those that can’t hold themselves for up to 30 minutes.

When using a stool you simply place the pot underneath the stool, sit back and relax! We recommend these sustainable stools from the women led brand Kitara for your steaming practice.

Sitting On The Edge Of A Bed

If you would rather sit up and don’t have access to a stool, you can try this posture.

Sit right on the edge of the bed and place your steaming pot on the floor between your legs while using your hands to support you so you stay upright.

Again you’ll need to use either a long skirt or towel to ensure the steam is guided towards our yoni and doesn’t escape.

Three Of My Favorite Herbs

There are countless herbs you can use to yoni steam for so many different reasons. But I’m going to give you my top three here so you can begin experimenting with this wonderful ritual.

Each powerful herb offers physical benefits as well as spiritual and emotional support which I’ll outline below:


Physical benefits:

  • Increases circulation
  • Clears away stagnation
  • Supports in the process of detoxing from hormonal contraceptives
  • Reinvigorates the womb after abortion or miscarriage
  • Encourages healthy menstrual flow for those who experience amenorrhea (lack of or scanty flow) and dysmenorrhea (heavy, painful periods)

Spiritual and emotional support:

Ginger is a powerful teacher that grounds invigorates, and reconnects us to our roots.

Her medicine supports us in using our ancestors as a source of strength and passion. Her teachings remind us to ground into ourselves in times of great turbulence.

Use her as a base to any yoni steam to open up the energy of the yoni and carry the medicine of other herbs used in the steam deep into the tissues.


Physical benefits:

  • Increases circulation
  • Encourages fresh blood flow to reproductive organs
  • Clears away menstrual stagnation
  • Encourages healthy menstrual flow for those who experience both amenorrhea (lack of or scanty flow) and dysmenorrhea (heavy, painful periods)

Spiritual and emotional support:

Rosemary is a grounding, centring herb used for cleansing ancestral pain and connecting us with the wisdom of our ancestors.

Use her as a base to any yoni steam to open up the energy of the yoni and carry the medicine of other herbs used in the steam deep into the tissues.


Physical benefits:

  • Tonify and lift the tissues of the yoni
  • Relaxes the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Encourages balance in the flow of menstrual blood while reducing painful menstrual cramps
  • Decreases blood clots and helps move out stagnation and coldness for those who experience brown or black blood at the beginning of menstruation.
  • Support the uterus in the process of contracting and shrinking for those in the postpartum period of healing

Spiritual and emotional support:

Rose teaches us to honor our sensual power as inherently sacred and holy.

She reminds us that our sensuality and sexual expression is inherently innocent, and supports those healing from sexual trauma, abuse, or oppression.

It is my hope that with this guidance you’ll feel supported to experience this wonderful ritual for yourself.

And if this has thoroughly whet your appetite and you’d like to explore this practice and so many others to reconnect you to your most powerful space, you’ll want to join my signature 6-week Online Womb Sciences Immersion.

In week 5 of this revolutionary immersion, we dive deeper into the wonders of yoni steaming. You’ll even receive a 15-page Plant Medicine Guide to help you choose the right herb for your challenge.

And as if that wasn’t enough, in the 6-weeks we spend together you’ll learn how to reclaim the power of your womb as we cover these topics:

  • Ancestry – discover how ancestral joys and traumas are IMPRINTED in your physical body and learn the tools to release them.
  • Anatomy – become an expert on pelvic anatomy and the biology of female sensual arousal so you can take the power back into your own hands and live a life full of PLEASURE.
  • Energetics – explore ancient and grounded ways to expand the field of your life force and align with your RADIANT potential.
  • Menstruation – learn the secrets behind nutrition, lifestyle, and ritual that actually BALANCE your hormones naturally for a pain-free period.
  • Healing Chronic Imbalance – identity, prevent, and HEAL chronic imbalances like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis with accessible and proven holistic techniques.
  • Integration – assimilate, integrate, and LIVE this wisdom so you walk away fully transformed, from the inside out.

Learn more about the revolutionary Womb Sciences Immersion below…

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