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Transformational Facilitator Training

MARCH 24 - APRIL 6, 2019 - Sold Out

NEXT SESSION: february 16 - 28, 2020

ubud, bali

with usha anandi + mallorie prem


THis 100 hour training is an immersive experience for those who wish to facilitate experiences of powerful transformation using a holistic body, mind, and spirit approach. 

We know you, sister.

You are the one who feels so deeply, who loves fully, and who longs to truly make a difference in your community. When women come together - magic happens. Be it a yoga class, a womxn's circle, a ceremony, or just a simple get together - you feel the power of womxn coming together, and somewhere deep down inside - it moves you. Maybe you’ve already held space for womxn before - or maybe you’re new to creating sacred space - whichever one it is, you feel the call of your intuition to step up in a new and B I G way. You long to gather new tools + intensively dive into what it means to create authentic, inclusive, and revolutionary space for transformation.

You believe in yourself, but you’re looking for guidance - that’s where we come in.

 Who is this training for? 

The Wise Womban Way Transformational Facilitator Training is an intensive training for yoga teachers, energy workers, bodyworkers, therapists, doulas, midwives, and ANY woman who feels the call to step up and dive deep into their ability to facilitate revolutionary space for transformation. This is for women who are ready to change the world - women who are ready to answer the calls of their wild hearts. Women who are ready to serve others and themselves at their highest capacity. For the ones who desire to take their intuitive skills, ability to authentically communicate their truth, and conscious business practices to the NEXT level - this is for you.

I feel more myself than ever in my life. The gentle but power unfolding of this training allowed me to be held, supported, challenged and awakened me in a way that led me to the reclamation of my own internal power and balance.
— Casey, 2017 Participant
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It's important that you know...  


  • This training is highly experiential, which means that we encourage just as much looking inwards as blossoming outwards. You cannot lead people into places that you yourself fear. Group transformation, ritual, and ceremony will be practiced everyday to facilitate a deeper connection with your Self + Spirit.

  • Time is carved in the schedule to ensure that each womxn gets one on one feedback from a lead facilitator through practicum sessions. During these sessions, you will receive guidance + feedback on a unique transformational event that you create yourself.

  • The space that we cocreate together is completely inclusive to all races, religions and ways of being. If you do not identify as a womxn but would still like to attend - please contact us.


The first step to secure your space is to fill out our application

Accepted applicants will receive an acceptance email with the link to place their deposit within 2 business days. We open only 24 spaces in this training to keep the environment intimate and ensure all students get the personalized attention they desire. 


Our revolutionary curriculum alchemizes the subtle + sacred with the physical + scientific. We've consciously created a curriculum from a true place of holistic care to provide you with the tools to facilitate deeply powerful experiences, no matter where you are. 

We use a three pillar education system that combines all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit to give you a diverse set of tools to pull from while creating and facilitating space. 


: MIND : 

Explore the power of the mind + the reasons WHY we do what we do. Gain tools to reprogram and repattern the mind through awareness techniques and specialized practices. 

Trauma Informed Practices

Transform your facilitation into an easily accessible and sacred experience for all who wish to join - from vulnerable and diverse populations to those with past trauma or PTSD - we're covering it all.  

The Power of Language

Learn how to use your words as powerful tools to influence the energy of space. fine tune your own expression to crystalize your message and the wisdom you'd like to impart on participants. 

Unearthing the subconscious mind

The mind speaks in symbols.  Learn how to use ritual + ceremony to interpret the symbols, triggers, and patterns not only within your own mind, but within the mind of future participants  well. 

Conscious Business Creation

Does your schedule sync with your uniquely feminine cycle? Learn how to sustainably create from a place of truth by using the cycles of your body as your guide. Gain clarity on how to identify your most fertile times for creation, as well as how to recognize when it's time to come inwards for creative hibernation.  

Care for Vulnerable Populations

True transformational space is one that is highly accessible, inclusive, and compassionate. Learn how to consciously facilitate transformation for vulnerable populations to support the rise of ALL beings. 

Establish Blissful Boundaries

Do you speak your truth - even when you know it may not be what someone else wants to hear? Gain tools to establish boundaries that support the creation of relationships built upon mutual respect with students, clients, and friends.

Define Your Role

Who are you - and what are you here to offer? crystalize your unique offering, language, and branding to truly share the message you've come here to channel. Explore what it means to facilitate and share from a soul centered, authentic place.

: BODY :

Most of us walk around in the world like talking heads - the connection between the body and the mind is severed, leaving our body to hold the pain of past experiences as well as the potential joy of resting in the present. In this pillar - we get REALLY geeky to educate you about the magic of the body. Learn how to guide energy into the body to access + unearth the wisdom hidden within your cells. 

The Nervous System

A comprehensive breakdown of the different states of stress vs. ease as related to the nervous system. Learn how to identify states of fear + stress to guide the body back to a natural state of trust and flow. 

Trauma Release

Use various tools of breath, meditation, and ceremonial techniques to reprogram the mind + liberate the body from past experiences.  

The Anatomy of Breath

Understand the breath + pelvic connection and how to use specific breathing practices to transform the breath into a tool for medicinal release + nourishment at the soul level. 

Womb Sciences

How do you connect with your uterus? This is the education that you (probably) never received as a child - a scientific exploration of the anatomy + sacred energetics of this feminine place of power. 

Enlivened Alignment

Gain insight on how to read the different patterns of stress and tension that can manifest alignment of the body. Learn simple yet effective tools to guide the internal organs into alignment and increase energetic vitality + fertility. 

The Voice + The Womb

Explore your ability to express your own unique voice by opening up the sacred space of the womb. Learn how to release chronic + acute patterns of tension within the womb through the opening of the voice with sacred songs, mantras, and incantations. 

The Power of the Pelvis

Did you know your pelvis is a place of power? Shift your relationship to your pelvis by combining the scientific + anatomical understanding of the pelvis with the sacred + energetic interpretations of the sacral center. 

Elemental Eating

Learn how to use food as medicine by using the eastern perspective of creating elemental balance within the body.


How do you commune with source? in this pillar, we give form to the formless through diving into the ancient + mystical sciences of spirit. 

Plant Magic 

Too often we think of plants in terms of their physical or phytochemical constitution. If we want healing at the soul level, we must invoke the unique spirit of the medicine used. Learn how to use the power of song + ritual to create an intimate connection with plant guides to facilitate healing at the deepest level.

 Intuitive Herbalism

 When we learn how to listen to the guide within our own heart, everything changes. Learn tools to interpret the messages of your body and choose your medicine with the moon + elements in mind. 

 The Potential within Darkness

How can you use your darkest nights as a portal to access deeper and truer self love? Integrate tools to Embrace your shadow and find the radiant essence of love hidden within suffering.  

Symbolism and the Language of the Soul

Explore the similarity of symbolism used throughout ancient cultures and traditions to invoke powerful healing within the body + mind. 

Goddess Mythology

Discover the sacred archetypes of the divine feminine + learn how to integrate their individual teachings into a transformational experience. 

Sacred Self Care

What does it mean to take space for yourself?  An exploration of how to create a practice of becoming rejuvenated in each moment. Receive education on how to use sacred rituals like yoni steams and flower essences to come back home to yourself. 

Grounding Techniques for Energetic Protection

Sometimes the healers need to be healed, too. Learn how to harness your own energy and release unwanted energy absorbed through holding space for transformation.  


The Sacred Space

Gather with us at a family run and consciously crafted retreat center in Bali, Indonesia.

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Your investment of $4,000 USD includes the following: 

Certificate of successful graduation of the Wise Womban Way Transformational Facilitator Training

 3 organic, vegetarian / vegan / gluten free meals a day

Unlimited fresh + untainted spring water for drinking

 Shared accommodation and bathroom in sustainable container housing

Organized transportation upon arrival and departure

 A completely immersive + transformational experience

All ceremonies + rituals

*Please note that your flights + transportation to and from the airport to the retreat center are NOT included in the investment.

                 MEET YOUR FACILITATORS                                        



Founder + Creatrix of Womben Wellness

Connecting women with the sacred, magical, and all powerful energy within the body is at the core of all of Usha's teachings. She pulls on her education as a holistic nutritionist, full spectrum doula, yoga teacher, and ceremonialist to create an alchemy of science and spirit. A self proclaimed 'geek', Usha specializes in blending the modern + scientific with the ancient + sacred to provide a truly holistic and integrative perspective on women's health. Usha has supported hundreds of women transform through transformational experiences internationally in Costa Rica, Mexico, India, and the United States. She is unconditionally devoted to revolutionizing women's health care through inspiring women to reclaim the rights to their own, unique, and beautiful body. 

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Mallorie Prem

Curator of Gather Sacred 

Mallorie’s journey into a sacred lifestyle started on her yoga mat. What began as a pursuit of the physical soon transformed into an exploration of Self. Over the past decade Mallorie has been unraveling the carefully crafted layers of her being through teaching, travel and yoga, finding her present purpose in bringing women together to form a community of artisanship, ceremony and inspiration. Mallorie’s own artistry shines through in her writing and design, as well as in her yoga teaching and practice. As founder of Gather Sacred, she has become a facilitator for women who embody the desire to follow their hearts as entrepreneurs, artists, risk-takers, thinkers and explorers of roads less travelled.

Through her own journey through depression, anxiety and PTSD, Mallorie transformed every aspect of her inner and outer experience of life, and through this she now knows it is her purpose to support other women in finding the jewel at the centre of their suffering. Mallorie’s contagious energy and spark permeates through her work and will touch the heart of anyone who crosses her path.


Wise Womban Way Archives

Hear about the magic others have experienced under the guidance of Usha + Mallorie...  

This training was deeply healing in many ways. I cried a lot and I laughed a lot. Interacting in this way with so many women was like a medicine for me - a powerful medicine that I have never experienced that before. It’s not only women coming together, but it was the sharing of our stories in a safe and non-judgemental space that made it so powerful. I was able to see all of my sisters pain and darkness (and mine, especially) in a different way. I saw it through loving eyes, finally coming to terms that our pain and darkness makes our story even more beautiful.
— Mariana, 2019 Participant
The way that Mallorie and Usha lead ceremony and this training is magical. They truly create a space of unconditional love, which allowed me to move through some of my own ‘stuck’ energy. I couldn’t recommend this training more.
— 2017 Participant
I have never experienced anything like what I did at this training. If you want to remember who you truly are and let go of all that is holding you back, you need to come to one of these offerings. Mallorie and Usha embody their most authentic selves, and in that, they give you the permission to do the same. Don’t allow your ego to convince you against this experience, go.
— 2017 Participant
This women’s intensive brought me into the depths of the truth of women power. I embraced my ancestral stories with acceptance and love Through the support of all the women, I was reminded of the wisdom that needed nurturing in order to be uncovered. The space at the intensive was beautiful, bright and nurturing in every way for my soul!
— 2017 Participant
I feel like I found myself, again. I have this new sense of confidence in my truth. Something that has been lost for a very long time. I feel like you guys gave me back to myself. So fucking stoked to be who I am, and to be alive.
— 2017 Participant

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