Usha Anandi. 15 | SEPTEMBER | 2020

I can still remember running my hands through my hair and watching chunks of it falling to the floor.

I recall the horror of waking up in the morning and looking at my previously pristine glowing skin, now covered in inflamed cystic acne that spread all over my jaw and chin.

My digestion seemed to change overnight. Suddenly, I found myself doubling over in pain after almost every meal.

I was 18, and no – I wasn’t dying.

According to my Doctors, what I was experiencing were “normal” symptoms for someone taking the pill.

Rather than taking my distress seriously, I was told again and again “You should try another brand of pill.”

But after three different types of pills, I knew – something was seriously wrong. And what’s more – something SERIOUSLY had to change.

The moment I decided to get off the pill was a palpable, potent, life-changing moment for me.

It was the moment I decided, enough was enough – it was time to take my power BACK.

And in my brand-new revolutionary online course, I teach you how to do the same.

Now I want to share some of the tools I used to detox my body, reconnect to my cycle, and remember my wholeness.

Because I know this isn’t just my story.

Everyday I get messages and emails from students and clients reaching out for support while transitioning off of the pill.

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t told the truth about what the pill does to our body, our hormones, or our connection with ourselves.

Instead, people who bleed are taught the wonders of hormonal birth control – how you can time your body like clockwork, how you’re protected from unwanted pregnancies, balance your hormones, clear your skin and regulate your menstrual cycles.

But, we’re not told the harm that it can do to our bodies.

And without all the information how can we ever make an informed choice?

And I’m ALL about informed consent.

To support you in making the decision that’s best for you, here’s some research on the impacts of hormonal contraceptives.

I share this with you because YOU DESERVE TO KNOW. And no matter what you choose, know that you’ll always be supported, accepted and welcome here.

I recognize that sometimes, hormonal contraceptives are the only way to protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancies. I also recognize that access to the pill is a privilege, one that many bleeders around the world do not currently have.

So let me be freakin’ clear, I COMPLETELY SUPPORT widespread access to the pill – but I also believe that if we’re going to take it, we should know what’s in it and what it does to our body.

So let’s dive in.

From the very beginning, the pill has an ugly history. Widespread human trials were conducted on impoverished women in Puerto Rico to prove that if, “…The poor, uneducated women of Puerto Rico could successfully use oral contraceptives, then he could quiet critics’ concerns that contraceptives would be “too complicated” for women in developing nations and American inner cities to use.”

During the trials, their physical side effects were ignored and written off as psychosomatic (as in, ‘you’re just emotional and/or making it up’) and three of the women died, although no investigation happened to determine whether or not their death was linked with the pill.

Despite these horrendous conditions, the pill was approved by the FDA and deemed “100 percent effective”.

These trials were in 1955, and I would argue that enough time has passed to truly study the long-term impacts of the pill on our health.

But we do know a few things…

The pill shrinks the size of the clitoris thus decreasing access to receive clitoral pleasure and even orgasm.

Beyond the clitoris, the pill also shrinks the uterus to that of a post-menopausal woman.

And despite the fact we’ve been told that taking birth control balances the hormones – it’s just not true.

Instead of balancing our hormones, the pill suppresses the natural hormone function of the body by disrupting communication pathways between the endocrine glands in the brain and pelvic organs like the ovaries and uterus.

So although your skin may clear and your cysts may shrink while taking the pill, these seemingly beneficial side effects of birth control are often short lived.

Because truly, hormonal contraception is only a bandaid for a much deeper problem.

And that’s why many people who get off the pill often notice that their previously challenging symptoms come back sometimes even worse than before.

Because not only is the previous imbalance still there, but now there’s a deeper hormonal imbalance, stemming from the disruption in communication between the master hormone glands in the brain and the pelvic organs.

And this is why many people who bleed that stop taking birth control often experience irregular cycles and problems conceiving. Because the body has not been producing these hormones naturally it has to remember how to by rebuilding these pathways.

And if that wasn’t enough…

Hormonal contraceptives also impact our body’s natural indicator of attraction and compatibility.

Pheromones are our bodies natural and primalistic way of sending messages to potential mates about our DNA and how it might match up to theirs. The pill not only disrupts our own production of natural pheromones and alters their smell, but it also impacts our ability to properly detect attractive pheromones of others.

Without the ability to identify the pheromones of others and for them to identify ours we may not be able to identify perfect partners and vice versa.

So if after reading all this you’re ready to conceive, take charge of your fertility and your health these 3 steps will help you to reclaim the power of your period courageously.

I want you to know that I see you and the courageous step you’re taking to bring yourself back to your power. It’s not always that easy to go against what you’ve been told by society.

But by listening to your body and following its lead you too can join me on the journey towards womb awakening and healing.

1. Support the Liver

The liver is responsible for detoxification throughout the body and that’s why it is massively affected when it is having to process synthetic hormones.

When it’s already responsible for filtering environmental and dietary toxins, synthetic hormones can sometimes get stuck. But there are a few way to help detoxify the liver:

Taking herbal allies:

  • Dandelion root
  • Milk thistle
  • Red clover blossom – this is actually a natural phytoestrogen so will help you to build up natural estrogen and flush out the synthetic estrogen in the liver.

Moving regularly:

  • The energetic Liver organ of Traditional Chinese Medicine is responsible for the smooth flow of qi throughout the body and when we don’t move that energy becomes stuck. However, if we are regularly moving our bodies and making the qi flow it will help to detoxify the Liver.

2. Rebalance the Gut

The contraceptive pill can affect the gut just as antibiotics do – disrupting the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut.

Many people that stop taking hormonal contraceptives may experience bacterial vaginosis or fungal infections and this is due to the womb + gut connection.

The modern world has greatly impacted the health of our microbiome. Most of us, whether we’re on the pill or not, need to take better care of our gut and we can do this by eating more foods containing probiotics.

I always recommend fermented foods over probiotic supplements.

The reason for this is that – at least in the U.S. – probiotics aren’t regulated so you can never know how many live cultures those probiotics contain.

However, with fermented foods you know that by their very nature they’re filled to the brim with probiotics.

These are just some of my favorite fermented foods to include in your diet:

  • Kimchi
  • Kefir
  • Sauerkraut
  • Miso
  • Cultured yoghurts

By rebalancing the gut biome, we rebalance the delicate vaginal biome too.

3. Reconnect Your Womb and Your Brain

As hormonal contraceptives disrupt the communication between the ovaries and the brain for the releasing and production of hormones, it’s important to practice this connection so your body is able to re-establish this pathway quickly.

To do this I recommend meditating on the Third Eye Chakra – Ajna – and the Sacral Chakra – Svadihisthana

Here’s a practice I followed when I was detoxing from birth control and it was so powerful:

  • Find a comfortable seated position, or if you prefer you can lay flat on the earth.
  • Allow yourself to breathe. With each new breath begin to notice your belly softening and relaxing a little bit more.
  • Bring your awareness to your forehead and give yourself permission to release any tension between your eyebrows. Find the point in between your eyebrows and observe it as you breathe. This point is your third eye, known as your ajna chakra.
  • Now, notice the space between your third eye and your womb. Notice any feelings of tightness or softness, tenderness or ease. Notice any changes between texture and temperature. Between emotions and sensations. Allow yourself to observe without judgement what you are feeling.
  • Sense that each new breath gives you the opportunity to trace the connection between these two two powerful places of energy in your system.
  • As you exhale, imagine your pelvis rooting deeper into the Earth. Become aware of the energy of your womb.
  • As you inhale, feel the breath coax the energy of the womb up through the spine and into the third eye.
  • As you exhale, sense energy pouring down the central line of the body, nourishing the womb.
  • Take your time here to notice, observe, and hold yourself in this practice with a sense of curiosity. Listen to what your body is saying.
  • Take a moment to get comfortable either sitting or lying and if it’s in your practice gently close your eyes.

Try to do this for 5 minutes a day or for as long as feels right.

This practice will help you to reconnect with your inner guidance and instinctual intuition to trust in the innate rhythm of your own cycle.


If you want to rebalance your body effectively after taking hormonal contraceptives I know these 3 tips will help you to find equilibrium quickly.

But, if you’re ready to take it a step further and truly reconnect with your cycle in the deepest possible way I have designed an online course to do just that – Breathing, Bleeding and Being.

This course is not just for people detoxing from hormonal contraceptives but for all wise womben that want to return to a way of cyclical living that allows them to stop forcing and start flowing.

So if you’re ready to do just that then hit the button below for all the information you’ll need…

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