Womb Sciences Immersion

This six week online immersion is the culmination of years of Usha Anandi’s work with womben around the world. This online experience takes you on a profoundly healing journey through the different layers of your body, energy system, and ancestry that impact your current relationship with your womb. We believe that this information will change the world – which is why we created the womb sciences online immersion to be accessible from any device at anytime, anywhere.


Lunar Living eBook

This is the menstrual cycle education you never received when you were younger. This guide gives you a holistic overview of the menstrual cycle exploring both the hormonal, physical changes and the emotional and psychospiritual meaning behind each unique phase. We also include specialized dietary guidelines and accessible rituals to support you in naturally balancing your hormones and harnessing the power of each phase. No matter what your previous experience of menstruation is, we believe that you have the power to transform your relationship to your cycle – and this book will show you how.