How to Communicate with your Womb’s Wisdom

Usha Anandi. 24 | MARCH | 2020

In the midst of fear, sudden change, and uncertainty, the body can be our anchor to what is real; our portal to the present moment.

Perhaps now more than ever, we need accessible tools to go into our bodies and find a place that feels like home. One who is connected with their innate power and inherent aliveness is unshakable, even amidst chaos and uncertainty.

It’s time we learned how to work with the body, instead of against it. That’s why today, I’m sharing with you BRAND NEW audio content to support you in Communicating with the Wisdom of Your Womb.

Last month, I hopped on a call with Sahara Rose of The Highest Self Podcast to talk about accessible, real, and grounded ways you can start to create a relationship with your body right now.

Based on the emails I’m receiving from all of you, I can sense that this podcast is coming at a vital time.

Scrolling through my phone or perusing through the news stories is enough to confirm that the collective is receiving messages of fear, panic, and general alarm.

Although the initial instinct may be to turn your attention away, wash this news in positive vibes or love and light, I encourage you to turn inwards, get curious, and really listen to your internal response.

It’s in these moments of seeming uncertainty, vulnerability, and groundlessness that we have the chance to touch the vastness of who we truly are. We have a chance to meet our fear head-on by turning towards the discomfort, noticing the fear, the resistance, and learning how to find peace – despite it all.

Collectively, we are facing the truth of impermanence.

Learning to face the reality that everything we love and hold dear will one day be gone is both a terrifying truth and necessary journey towards spiritual maturation.

It is human to want to hold on. To find wealth, love, abundance in any form and tighten the grasp so it can’t leave. These possessions, relationships, and bonds help us to feel safe, as if we have something solid that is in a way, unbreakable. It keeps us from feeling the winds of change on our cheek, the void of uncertainty, and a sense of nakedness in the world.

But it’s this exact place of groundlessness, vulnerability, and uncertainty that we find the portal to connect with the chaos, pure potential, and aliveness of our Source.

Most of us spend our lives running from our true power, radiance, and vitality. We get a taste of it and it scares us, so we turn away and shrink into the limiting beliefs that feel constricting but ultimately, comfortable and familiar.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot think our way to awakening.

That which we truly are cannot be fully understood by our limited intellect. If we want to have a direct experience of our vibrancy, our aliveness, our divinity, we have to descend into the womb.

If we want to learn how to find stability in a sense of groundlessness, peace within a storm of chaos, and live fully connected to our aliveness – we must learn how to communicate with the wisdom of the womb.

This week on the Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose, I show you how. This interview was seriously juicy and includes so much content from connecting with your womb, healing womb trauma, reclaiming pleasure and so much more.