Gina Frances

Gina is currently offering her work online, as to reach womben all over the world. Through her own journey with her body and menstrual cycle, from eating disorders, orthorexia, and living so disconnected from her body, she has landed here in this work. Her love of the body, health, fitness, &+ self care has been a part of her for as long as she can imagine, and at one point it went from her passion to her poison…which is how she ended up here! After over 7 years on hormonal birth control and losing her period for over a year, experiencing burnout and adrenal fatigue, she was able to heal herself and bring back her period through Ayurveda, herbalism, womb work, dance, and more! And she has had healthy cycles ever since! As that process unfolded, a sense of remembering was awakened within her and she just KNEW this was the medicine she had to offer to the world. She is currently offering 1:1 coaching and guidance diving deep into the menstrual cycle, becoming intimate and literate with your own individual body and cycle, learning how to live cyclically and sync your life and business with your cycle, womb work, mindset, meditation, breath work, and much more. She also is offering 2 online programs, Root to Rise Mini Course, and her signature course Menstrual Intimacy Academy. Check her IG and website for the most recent launch dates for these!

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