3 Practices to Heal Numbness with Pleasure

Usha Anandi. 21 | OCTOBER | 2019

Every woman holds deep, pulsating wisdom within her.

This burning sensuality that runs hot through our veins is our life force, and when we harness it – the earthquakes.

That’s why I believe every womban should learn how they can connect to their deepest sensuality. In our 6-Week Online Immersion, Womb Sciences, I teach practical steps so that you too can reclaim your burning sensuality.

Many of us have been taught to disconnect from our body. Some of us have disconnected as a form of self-preservation or protection. Whether it’s trauma, oppressive programming, or societal norms – we are taught to numb out, disconnect, and project out of our physical form. So many womben suffer from pain during sex, and in turn are told that something is ‘wrong’ or ‘dysfunctional’ in their bodies.

Sister, listen to me – your body is perfect. It loves you. And it wants to heal. It’s just waiting for you to learn how to coax, caress, and accompany it patiently on this journey of unraveling so you can experience a full spectrum of sensation – without pain.

To fully occupy these spaces with our awareness is an act of rebellion.

It’s time to reclaim the erotic, to come back to a sacred practice of personal self-pleasure + salvation through cultivating the holy energy of sensuality that awaits deep within you.

Many of us learn from the sex industry that when we touch ourselves, we should be doing so to achieve orgasm.

The words ‘orgasm’ and ‘achieve’ should never be in the same sentence together. 

When you touch yourself – ask yourself honestly, what is my intention here?

In our modern world is achievement-driven and goal obsessed. Many of us carry this energy over into our intimate relationships, especially the ones with ourselves.

3 Tips for Healing Numbness with Pleasure

You are the master and the guide of your own experience. Whether you desire to give yourself pleasure through self-massage or even masturbation, use these tips below to help guide you on your journey.

Set an Intention

Before you begin the practice of touching ANY part of your body, set an intention. Think of your intention as the message you’re trying to communicate with your body and the energy that you hope to encode into your cells. When the mind wanders during your practice, come back to your intention and allow it to be your guide.

Breathe into Your Genitals

Your breath is your greatest tool to direct energy into specific areas of your body. When you inhale, sense your diaphragm contracting down towards the base of your pelvis. At the top of your inhale, feel your genitals fill with golden, radiant light. As you exhale, feel the effortless contraction of your diaphragm as it recoils back towards the ribs and everything moves towards center.

Change Up Your Sensation

Every time you touch yourself you are creating a pattern in your physical, energetic, and mental experience. If you have a specific way of masturbating or touching yourself, consider switching up the direction of your movement, the pressure, or even the way you touch yourself. If you have a specific way of touching yourself that always gets you ‘there’, get curious. How can you explore the landscape of your body in a new, exciting way?

You deserve to feel safe, at home, and ALIVE in your body – and I want to show you how.

I’m offering Womb Sciences to debunk patriarchal health practices and support you in reclaiming the womb-based education that is your BIRTHRIGHT.

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