4 Books for Menstrual Empowerment

Usha Anandi. 3 | SEPTEMBER | 2020

I am a total book FIEND.

Everytime I move internationally, I take my ridiculously huge collection of books with me.

Even though many of them have worn covers or pages that are tainted with a bit of mold from the jungle – to me, each book is worth its weight in gold.

In our trainings and online immersions, I always get questions about my favorite books that cover the topic of menstruation.

I know that there’s a whole lotta information out there, so today I’ve taken the time to sit down and share with you my top 4.

So if you’re ready to heal your period problems and reconnect to your power – these books are for you!

“Learn to surrender to the pace of your body.”

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, specializing in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine,, Claudia Welch seamlessly integrates an Eastern and holistic approach to balancing your hormones naturally.

Dr Welch offers practical diet, lifestyle and exercise advice to help you to achieve and maintain balance. While also clearly and succinctly explaining the – often – confusing world of hormones.

Our modern allopathic medical system tends to focus largely on detection and diagnosis of disease, rather than preventing it and accessing health. This is the perfect book to help you perfect the delicate balance within yourself.

“A real period is a finale in a series of hormonal events which includes ovulation and the making of progesterone, A real period is about the healthy functioning of your ovaries.”

– Lara Briden, Period Repair Manual

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor who’s passionate about sharing all the tools a womban needs to improve their menstrual health.

This book is especially focussed on healing chronic period issues such as infertility, PCOS and endometriosis.

If you want a clearly written holistic approach to healing from chronic conditions I know this book can help you.

“Proper hydration is an integral part of a detox.”

I LOVE this book and the way that Dr. Brighten communicates the information.

If you’re ready to heal from the harmful effects of taking hormonal contraceptives I know this is the book for you.

Jolene Brighten is a naturopathic doctor that specializes in hormonal health so she is perfectly poised to offer insightful and practical tips to rebalance your hormones and heal the myriad of imbalances caused by hormonal contraception.

“In a world where we’re taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, listening to the subtle yet powerful voice of your own inner guidance system is an act of rebellion.”

– Usha Anandi, Lunar Living Ebook

I’ve poured myself into the newest edition of my eBook, Lunar Living. This book is a representation of my decade long journey into uncovering and demystifying the complexities of the menstrual cycle.

This book is so much more than practical, ritual, and dietary wisdom, this book actually tunes you into the SPIRITUAL wisdom of the menstrual cycle.

This is the menstrual cycle education you never received.

Our Lunar Living eBook now includes specific recipes for each phase of your cycle, recommendations to help you flow with your creativity throughout your cycle and so much more!

No matter your previous experience of menstruation, we believe you have the power to transform your relationship to your cycle – and this book will show you how.

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