7 Books to Reclaim Your Femininity

Usha Anandi. 18 | FEBRUARY | 2020

I am a total book NERD. Good books take you on a journey into a new world and blow your mind every step along the way – well, at least my kind of good book does.

I get messages every week asking for my favorite book recommendations to support on the path of feminine healing and awakening. I spent a ton of time shaving down my book list to offer you my top seven most potent, profound, and life-changing books to reclaim your femininity.

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While writing this list, I had a few tears come to my eyes. These books have been an integral part of my personal journey of becoming the woman I am today. To all the authors who devoted their lives to compiling these accessible, revolutionary resources so that the womxn of the world and all who love them could feel empowered in their bodies – thank you.

Reconnecting and reclaiming femininity means becoming fluent in the language of your body and learning to respond and nurture its needs. It means remembering our femininity as a source of strength, wisdom, and resilience. For those who are ready to dive into the world of feminine-based spirituality and healing – this list is for you.

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you,and that you will work with these stories from your life–not someone else’s life–water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom. That is the work. The only work.”
– Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with The Wolves

I intentionally placed this book first on the list because whether or not you’re a total body nerd like me, this book has something for you. This is my go-to recommendation for anyone who wants to return to the wildness and the wisdom embedded within their bones. Dr. Estes takes us on a journey deep into the unconscious psyche of the feminine through engaging myths, stories, and folktales that reconnect us with the Wild Woman that exists within us all.

“I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birthright.”
– Dr. Christiane Northrup, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

About seven years ago I found an old, tattered copy of this book jammed into a bookshelf at a friend’s house. I have always been fascinated by old, seemingly antique items but little did I know at the time, this specific artifact would change my life.

This book is a literal bible for all things women’s health, and not just because of its size.

The first edition was written in 1985, long before the new-age movement took hold or much research existed to prove the theory of the well-being of the body to be connected with the well-being of our thoughts, emotions, and mind. Sourced from Dr. Northrup’s experience running a cutting-edge women’s health clinic and paired with spiritual wisdom, this book offers truly potent and potentially life-changing information for all those who desire to learn more about the innerworkings of their reproductive organs, menstrual cycle, and the connection between their emotional and physical health.

“The voice of your heart is ignorant to your likes and dislikes, your reasons and excuses. That’s why you can trust it.”
– Dr. Claudia Welch

When I was detoxing off of hormonal birth control, I felt like my whole world turned upside down. I had huge acne eruptions on my face, dramatic weight fluctuations, and uncontrollable mood swings. When I found this book, it felt like a divine gift that was sent to support me in re-balancing my life in a natural way. Dr. Claudia Welch expertly merges the worlds of Eastern and Western perspectives to provide a truly all-encompassing, holistic, and grounded approach to reclaiming feminine power through a balanced approach to living. For anyone who has taken synthetic hormones, those considering the pill, or those looking to heal hormonal imbalance, read this book – it will help you.

“Once people understand that women are fertile for only a fraction of the time men are, they are especially struck with the inequity of it all. So it’s particularly interesting to examine the ways in which women have been disproportionately exposed to side effects throughout their cycle. For example, there are many who will concede that while the pill was originally designed to sexually emancipate women, it has also had the effect of burdening the woman with the sole responsibility of birth control.”
– Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Growing up I learned that if you have unprotected sex with a male partner, you get pregnant. In the patriarchal education system, we learn that regardless of where you are in your menstrual cycle, unprotected sex with a male partner equals pregnancy. What fertility science is now proving is that this isn’t true. Those who have a menstrual cycle only ovulate once during one full cycle, which can be thought of from the end of one menstrual phase to the beginning of the next. Even if more than one egg is released from the ovary during ovulation, both eggs are released during a period of 24 hours. After ovulation, the following phase is ruled by a hormone called progesterone which blocks sperm’s ability to connect with the ovum, severely decreasing the chances of getting pregnant. Woah – read that again.

This book shares the most in-depth, comprehensive information to support you in learning how to read your unique cycle, track, and identify when you’re fertile to help prevent pregnancy, naturally. No synthetic hormones needed.

“Many of the signals that either stoke or diminish female desire have to do with the female brain’s question: Is it safe here?”
– Vagina

For those who desire to remember the sacredness held within their anatomy, this book is for you. Naomi Wolf once again creates groundbreaking connections between the ability to fully inhabit our bodies and experience pleasure with our capacity to live fully alive, meaningful, and deeply fulfilling lives. This book layers grounded scientific wisdom on top of feminist theories to create a new, accessible, and revolutionary perspective on what it means to be a person with a vagina in today’s world.

“The physical process of realigning a woman’s pelvic muscles eventually led me to a contemplation of how we as women embody our womanhood, and exploration of the ways the body records what it means to be female.”
– Wild Feminine

Every person that desires a deeper connection to what it means to fully inhabit their pelvis and connect with the source of power in their feminine, sensual, and creative being needs to read this book. Within it’s pages, Tami Kent draws powerful connections between the health of the female pelvic area and the vitality of the overall being. Sourcing many stories and observations from her work as a physical therapist specializing in women’s health, this book offers insight and practical ways to restore balance in your physical pelvis to create harmony in all aspects of your life and well-being.

“Your individual sexuality is your small piece of that primal power — the vital, pulsating life force. Your sexuality connects that cosmic energy: they are one and the same thing, only on the micro and macro levels. How you relate to that immense power has a pervasive impact on your life. You can repress your sexuality. You can go “repression light” and downplay it. Or, you can take the other road and… celebrate it!”
– Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

The comprehensive and mind-blowing anatomical wisdom shared in this book is coupled with engaging stories and images, making it one of the most enthralling and easy-to-follow books on this list. Did you know it takes at least 35 – 40 minutes for the female body to become fully absorbed in a state of arousal whereas it takes the male body only around 30 seconds to 2 minutes? I don’t know about you, but I think these are just some facts we should learn about in school. Whether you’re someone with a female body or love someone who has one – this book will take you on a journey into the magic of the body and it’s potential for enriching pleasure and orgasmic bliss.

Just writing about these books makes me want to read them all over again! But actually, these are just a few of the many books that make up the repertoire of topics we share in our online immersions and in-person trainings.

Looking for more recommendations for books to reclaim your femininity, fertility, or experience of conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond?

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