Lunar Living – Your Period is a Source of Power

Usha Anandi. 24 | SEPTEMBER | 2019

At her first bleeding
a Woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years
she practices it.
At menopause she becomes it.
Traditional Native American Saying

Where did you first learn about your menstrual cycle?

Maybe it was from a class in school.

Or maybe, it was from the words your Mother whispered under her breath.

No matter what your previous experience of menstruation is, I believe you have the power to transform your relationship to your cycle. You deserve to learn how to use your period as a source of power. And I want to show you how.

In our modern, fast-paced world many of us live disconnected from a cyclical, fluid, feminine existence.

We are taught to force instead of flow.

We are taught to speak instead of listen.

We are taught we are separate instead of one with the Whole.

I remember a time when I saw my period as another thing to ‘power through’.

I would ignore the dull, achy feeling when I bled and move through life, over-giving and over-committing to everyone – leaving very little energy for myself.

When I was a little girl, I was excited for my period – but that excitement quickly changed to annoyance as I absorbed the programming from my Mother, girls at school, and the patriarchal society that existed around me.

Everything changed when I started taking responsibility for my relationship to my cycle.

Somewhere deep within me, I KNEW that the way I had been taught to view my cycle wasn’t right. WHY would nature make me bleed for years if it was supposed to be such a struggle or a curse?

I made my menstruation the sole focus of my spiritual journey while I was in school for holistic nutrition.I developed a practice to listen to my internal energy. I made radical changes in my diet to nurture the needs of my body during each unique phase of the cycle. And I POURED myself into studying women’s wisdom lineages and indigenous traditions that shared perspectives on menstruation that resonated with my deep within my SOUL.

And after years of cultivating my own practice, working with hundreds and hundreds of women, and teaching this information in trainings + intensives worldwide

Today I get to share with you the Lunar Living Ebook – Your Guide to Reclaim the Magic of Your Menstruation.

I believe that you DESERVE a menstrual cycle education that is firmly rooted in scientific understanding AND spiritual Truth. This book breaks down each individual phase of the menstrual cycle in an accessible way and shares the hormonal, emotional, and spiritual changes that take place during each unique phase.

To know how to harness your period as a source of your power is your BIRTHRIGHT.

This guide shows you how.

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