Usha Anandi. 25 | APRIL | 2020

One of my spiritual inspirations, the late and great Ram Das says “If you think you’re enlightened, go and spend a week with your family.”

And my god – isn’t that true?

During quarantine, you might experience a lot of uninterrupted time with loved ones, which means right now is a great time to learn how to love the parts of you that need to be seen, validated, and healed.

In our 6-Week Womb Sciences Immersion, we spend the entire module of the first week diving into ancestral healing.

Learn about how your behavior and your physical body is impacted by your ancestors and gain empowering tools to honor where you came from while learning to let go of what isn’t yours to carry.

On my own healing journey and in the work I do with women of all backgrounds, I’ve been astonished by the connection between what arises in our own bodies and the similarities to what our ancestors have experienced themselves.

Before I go any further, let’s explore a few questions together…

  • What is/was your Mother’s relationship with her body, womb, menstrual cycle, and sexuality? (If you don’t know or don’t have a relationship with your Mother, pick another important female role model in your life)
  • What are the things you learned from your Mother or other role model about femininity, menstruation, sexuality, and life as a woman?
  • What is your relationship to your menstrual cycle, sexuality, creativity, and overall experience of being a woman?

Last question….

  • Do you see any similarities between what your Mother believed about her body, what you learned from her, and the relationship you have with your body now?

I remember when I was teaching Ancestral Healing at our last in-person training in Bali.

I asked a room full of 27 women this question, and at the end when I asked if they saw any similarities between them and their Mothers, all hands went up in the air as a resounding ‘YES’.

It’s undeniable, our bodies hold the residue of both our own life experience and the experience of our ancestors.

Sometimes, we relate to the body based on information we learned in school.

Sometimes, we relate to the body based on the words our Mother uttered under her breath.

Everytime I return home to visit family, I’m convinced that I’ve come so far, I’ve developed so much. I’m gonna be groovy, I tell myself. I’ve healed this, I’ve released that.

Then, BAM! I sit down at dinner with family and it all comes flooding back.

Oh, HELLOOOO old patterns and parts of myself I’ve forgotten exist, nice to see you again! I thought you were integrated and released, but here you are, staring at me in the face. Pleasure.

I write with a lightness because sometimes, family stuff feels so heavy that we can only make jokes to save us from crying.

But despite the challenges that arise, here’s something I’ve noticed over the years…

This work WORKS.

The more tools I gather to support myself, the more I can respond to my family from a place of presence rather than react from an old wound.

I can’t do the work for them, but I can take responsibility for my side of the street and that, for me and my family, has made all the difference.

No matter what environment you come from, you have the power to heal, not only for yourself but for all those who walked before you, too. And this isn’t just woo-woo stuff.

Actually, one of my favorite emerging fields of research called epigenetics proves we have the power to modify our DNA.

Epigenetics proves that what we eat, who we interact with, what activities we fill our days with, how we move our bodies, our challenges, our triumphs, our sleep habits, our intimate relationships, and overall lifestyle have the ability to either TURN ON specific genes or SILENCE them.

Previously it was thought that if heart disease runs in your family for example, you yourself were destined to get it as well. Epigentics shows us the contrary.

We hold the true power to shape our destiny based on the choices we make right now.

If you want to learn more about the emerging field of epigenetics, check out this awesome Ted Talk here.

Ancestral healing is about much more than learning how to reverse or transform unhealthy patterns in your lineage.

It’s also about learning ways to reconnect, honor, and cultivate gratitude for what your ancestors have given you.

The more you can learn about your ancestors and what they survived, the closer you may feel to touching the depth of your own inner resilience.

In our modern world, many of us grow up separated from our ancestors. We don’t know the foods they ate, the songs they sang, the land they tended to. This may lead us on an eternal search for realness, security, and meaning.

If we want to tap into the richness of who we are, we have to start with where we come from.

In our 6-Week Online Womb Sciences Immersion, we spend the entire first week of the course unearthing the connection to our ancestors. We spend time exploring how our ancestors influence and shape who we are through the lenses of both emerging genetic science and behavioral psychology.

And of course, we learn how to differentiate between patterns, stories, and even physical symptoms we’ve inherited that we want to LET GO of and the incredible blessings, resiliency, and wisdom gifted to us from them.

If you’re ready to start healing your relationship to your body, your womb, and your ancestors, the doors to Womb Sciences are open – join us.