The Healing Power of Flower Essences

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Flower essences capture the vibrational medicine of flowers and encode them into water to create potent, deeply healing medicine. Unlike teas or tinctures which use the body of the plant, flower essences capture the more subtle, spiritual, and emotional aspects of medicine. Their remedies offer gentle yet powerful medicine for pregnant mothers and children who otherwise may be sensitive to the strong side effects or harsh taste of other types of herbal concoctions.

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Directions for Flower Essence Preparation

Flower medicine is a highly sensitive medium to work with, so added intention and care must be taken to capture the radiance of these teachers.

When to Gather Medicine

Flowers are most powerful just before their fullest bloom. Watching and observing the plant and how it blossoms into its most brilliant form is essential for capturing the most medicinal remedy. For day blooming plants, gather medicine in the morning just before or after sunrise. For night blooming plants, gather medicine just before or after sunset. Only fresh flowers should be used when preparing flower essences.

How to Gather Medicine

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything, and creating flower medicine is no different. Gathering your medicine should be done as a form of prayer, where all elements are honored for their devotion and part in nurturing the flower into life. When choosing medicine, always choose flowers that grow away from any type of pollution like roads or cities. Plants have the ability to absorb the toxins of their environment to clean the Earth, but these toxins will surely be released into the water if used in a medicinal preparation.

Always set an intention before gathering your medicine to help cultivate communication with the plant. Before harvesting, hover your hands above the flower and ask for permission to harvest and listen. If permission is granted, pluck one leaf from the same flower and use this leaf to cover your hand as you harvest the blossom.

This method ensures that the medicine will be as potent as possible as the subtle essence of the flower stays intact. Offer a symbol of gratitude to the plant after harvesting. Whether that’s leaving a small crystal, giving the plant a kiss, or saying a silent prayer – this strengthens your bond between yourself and Mother Earth as you recognize and honor our reciprocal and intimate relationship with Her. Always harvest sustainably and allow the Earth to regenerate her supply by never taking more than you need in that moment.

How to Honor the Medicine

From the moment the intention is conceived to the moment the medicine is placed back into the Earth – the process of medicine making is a meditation. Honor this ceremony and cycle of life by placing the body of the flowers back into the Earth after your medicine has been made. When medicine is placed in the trash, Mother Earth knows. Honor Her gifts by consciously returning her precious gifts back into Her soil once they’ve been used to make medicine. This closes the energetic cycle and seals the magic.

Directions for Preparation + Ingredients Needed

  • Makes 1 Flower Essence

  • 2 parts filtered, pure water

  • 1 part Himalayan salt

  • 1 glass or crystal recipient of water

  • chosen flowers for preparation

  • Sunlight

  • 1 tinted tincture bottle to store the preparation

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Set intention

  2. Mindfully harvest the flowers

  3. Intentionally place the flowers in the glass of water

  4. Place in the morning sun for 2 – 3 hours

  5. Pour the mixture into the tincture bottle, mixing it with 1 part Himalayan salt

  6. Label and place on your altar to honor the medicine


Depending on your intention for the medicinal preparation, moonlight can also be used to extract the medicine from the flower. Since the rays of the moon are less powerful than the sun, the medicine should be kept out all night to absorb the healing energy of the moon.

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