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Since childhood, we have been taught that life is linear. That the only way to move is forward.

We’re taught to show up every day the same. Work the same amount of hours and always be productive at the same capacity.

But we’re not robots, and no matter how much this way of being may serve capitalism, it sure doesn’t serve us. .

The womb whispers of another way. Come with me dear one, take my hand, let’s explore it together.

We are not linear beings. Like the world around us, our bodies move through cycles.

Cycles of rebirth, flourishing, hibernation and death.

Just look around you – everyday Mother Nature teaches us that what dies is never lost. Instead, the energy and matter are composted and recycled to enrich the growth of new life.

And our bodies are no different.

Learning how to attune to the cycles within us and move from a place of deep alignment is essential to maintain our inner resources.

We often talk about sustainability in terms of the Earth’s resources, but what about our own?

The way we abuse and waste the resources offered to us from the Earth is the same way we abuse our own time, creativity, sensuality, and precious energy.

The menstrual cycle is here to show us another way, and if we embrace it life not only gets a whole lot easier, but also more fulfilling, vibrant, and meaningful.

This blog is meant as an introduction into how you can take practical steps to find alignment with your cycle – I could talk about this stuff ALLLLLLLL day but I won’t take up too much of your time!

So let’s dive in together…

Inner Spring – Follicular Phase

This is the phase just after menstruation. Where our energy mirrors that of the fresh, new energy of spring.

During this phase, many feel a flow of invigorating and creative energy wash through their body, heart, and mind. The same way that fresh blossoms burst through the soil, we too feel a rebirth after the depths of our own inner winter.

Estrogen – a major sex hormone – rises within the body during this phase. It is this particular hormone that fills us with energy and gives us the ability to look ahead.

This is the time in your cycle to ground into yourself and plan what’s to come with this newfound clarity and freshness. The time to make commitments with an awareness that your energy will change. We only have this fresh energy for 6 to 10 days, so it’s important to remember you won’t feel this full of life for your entire cycle.

Which, by the way, is totally okay.

It’s during this time I sit down, put relaxing music on, and write my intentions for the month ahead. I create space to envision all the things I’d like to accomplish in this coming cycle, put dates to commitments, and actionable steps for me to complete the task.

I used to really resist this part of running a business and well, my life. But now I see this phase as laying the foundation, creating structure so that within that supportive space, I can flow.

Do you often feel burnt out and tired by the time you menstruate?

Are you jamming projects and commitments into your premenstrual phase?

Consider how taking the time to consciously plan and envision during this phase could help you take the load off during the last half of the month – take it from someone who knows!

Inner Summer – Ovulatory Phase

Just like the energy of Mother Earth in the summer, our energy and fertility peaks as we reach the ovulatory phase. This is the time in our cycle when we are at our most sensual and radiant and the phase that is probably the most romanticized in our previous conditioning.

Naturally in the summer, we find ourselves more drawn to being out in the world and surrounded by those we hold nearest, as well as forming new and exciting relationships.

Well, our inner summer is no different.

As the heat of summer melts the bars around our hearts we’re more open to giving and receiving love. This is the time in our cycle when we desire to move outwardly in the world.

If you have any upcoming speaking or teaching opportunities try and schedule them during this time as you tune into the radiant energy flowing from you during this phase.

However, it is still important to fill your own cup during this phase. It’s important to find a way to express yourself but also to listen deeply to whatever our bodies and our wisdom are trying to communicate to us.

If we can create the space to cultivate a truly loving and respectful relationship with ourselves during this phase, soon the love and creativity will pour from our hearts.

Inner Fall – Luteal Phase

This is the phase in our cycle that is most often stigmatized by the wider world as some of us may experience unwanted and challenging symptoms.

Many of us try to push and force harder during this time, upset that we are less interested in social engagements, speaking opportunities, accounting, or planning.

But if we have the courage to listen to what this phase is trying to communicate, a whole world of intuition and creativity will open to us.

During this phase, we start to turn inwards. Just like the desire to pull on a sweater and curl up on the sofa overcomes us at the start of fall, so too does the desire to look within ourselves during the luteal phase…

This part of our phase is deeply intuitive. So take this time to assess the plans you put in place during inner spring and decide if those goals are still attainable and necessary.

This is the time when you can see if you were being realistic, and if you weren’t – and let’s face it we often aren’t – you can take that off your plate and clear some space for your creativity to shine.

This can be one of the most creative parts of our cycle. But only if we allow ourselves the opportunity to slow down and listen to ourselves.

We are so programmed to always be on the go – the linear outlook of life I explained before – that we aren’t encouraged to rest, EVER.

But, if you can give yourself permission to live alongside your cycle and take some things off your plate during this phase you might just find solutions to problems that you had long ago thought were unsolvable.

Above all else, this phase desires for you to listen. To stop what you’re doing, and for once – just listen.

Inner Winter – Menstrual Phase

Just as nature wishes to hibernate during the winter months, our natural desire is to hide away within ourselves. However, as we are part of the patriarchal system we are expected to ‘power through’ and be just as productive, effective and energetic as every other day.

But, I believe that if we lessen our workload and take the time to mirror the internal cleanse and pause that occurs during this phase we can garner a truer perspective to carry forward to the next phase.

As we continue the journey towards winter we travel further into ourselves, so this is the phase in our cycle that is most intuitive and also creative if again we allow ourselves space.

I encourage you to find a way to express yourself at this moment – journal, sing, paint – but ensure it is respectful to the death that is occurring within you. The physical loss of the endometrium lining represents a physical release and metaphorical death of the emotions, projections, and identities we’ve attempted to hold onto over the past month.

This is the time for you to prepare to be reborn in the next phase of the cycle. So ensure you give yourself the space to release all that no longer serves you.

Accepting yourself and your cycle

I believe this is a truly powerful way to live your life. By accepting and flowing with your cycle you are accepting every single part of yourself. Even the parts that we are encouraged to bury deep and never unearth.

Because when you realize you’re a cyclical being. You remember that you are worthy. Despite what you produce and despite what you create you know that you can trust in the cycles of nature.

The never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. Because even when you are in a place of darkness, spring is always just around the corner.

With periods of rest, we can gain even greater insights that can bring us into deeper states of manifestation and even make us more ‘productive’ in the long run.

We just need to take the time to stop and listen first.

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