Keeping Time With The Moon

Usha Anandi. 23 | JUL | 2020

One of the very first ‘calendars’ found by archaeologists were lines inscribed upon bone – the ancient equivalent of modern-day period tracking apps.

Our menstrual cycles like the cycle of the moon can be used to show the passing of time. In fact, in many cultures, the menstrual and the moon cycle go hand in hand.

In the same way, the Grandmother Moon influences the waters of Mother Earth, she also impacts the flow of the waters within us. Before we were kept up all hours by phone and TV screens bathing us in artificial light, Grandmother Moon would be the only luminous source to light our way home.

Despite what we’ve been taught to believe, we are not separate from nature. And we’re definitely not above it.

I believe that if we’re going to heal our wombs, we have to return to nature. We have to resurrect the deep knowing of our own interconnectedness with all things.

Only then will we live in harmony with ourselves, the Earth, and each other.

When I see dis-ease manifest in the wombs of my loved ones, I look to the Earth and see that She is struggling – too.

If we’re going to heal ourselves, we have to heal the Earth. There is no separation – if She is healthy, we will be too.

And I’m not talking about simply pondering some theoretical philosophy that keeps you in your head…

I’m talking about real, tangible steps that you can take to change the way you live your life so that it may be an offering of service. A gift of devotion that ushers in more love, wellbeing, and LIFE on this planet.

So how do we do it? A few weeks ago, I hopped on a call with the radiant Jhéani of the Pretty Soul Podcast to talk about how.

We connected so deeply on this call and had a conversation that covered topics I believe all people with wombs (and those who love them) can benefit from.

In this interview, I touch on many topics that are otherwise rushed through or overlooked in our modern societies approach to sexual education.

Topics such as our moon cycle, birth control, fertility awareness, birth and womb trauma and even the meaning behind the anatomical names of OUR bodies.

I’m not sure how we did it, but Jhéani and I really clicked and we somehow managed to cover them all in this podcast.

If you want to learn more, delve deeper into your own unique anatomy and the inner power you hold, I created the Inner Circle especially for you.

For the curious. For the embodied. For those who want to live their lives with meaning.

Each month we cover a new topic, where you have access to EXCLUSIVE live lectures, beautiful ceremonies and a place where you can experience a global connection to wise womben just like you.

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