Usha Anandi. 28 | DECEMBER | 2019

I know you, womban.

You who is ready to make a change.
You who feels caught in the constricting net of a limiting belief.
You who feels disconnected, numb, and even like a stranger within your own body.
You who feels lost, alone, and isolated in a colonial culture systematically built on the idea of separation.

Womban, I am here to tell you… you are not alone.

I too have felt the paralyzing pain of confusion. I too have felt disconnected, numb, and even afraid of my feminine body and it’s cycles.

Most of us have been programmed to believe “this is just how it is”… but I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I want to show you a different way, a path that has been walked by wise women for thousands of years. A path that will support you in taking responsibility for your health and taking your power back into your own hands…

This isn’t about learning something new, but re-remembering the answers that have always existed inside of you.  This new year, I’m offering you the opportunity to walk down a path of healing with me and sisters from all around the world.

I’ve taught this feminine wisdom to thousands of women, and now I want to share it with you.

I’ve created the 6-Week Online Womb Sciences Immersion to be the most comprehensive, educational, and truly revolutionary course for women’s health. Why? Because I believe that knowing your body is your BIRTHRIGHT. This new year, I invite you to join me on this path of feminine-based healing.

Before I talk about where this path can take you, let’s look at the insanity of where we’re coming from.

Most of us are made to believe that the health industry is based on logic, cutting-edge modern sciences, and fair practices that have been tested to be the most effective for all.

But what if I told you that wasn’t always the case?

It’s time to smash through the myths of the modern health care system that are steeped in patriarchal practices, sexism, prejudice, and racism.

Warning, the following facts about the current modern medical system might (and should) make you very uncomfortable.

According to BBC, clinical medical trials and diagnoses in the US before 1990 focussed solely on men (and were often overseen by men as well). “In Europe, women have been similarly left out of studies. Same with Canada and the UK.” That means that the majority of the medical evidence (including studies of chronic pain) focuses on a predominately male perspective.

According to Harvard, “on the issue of chronic pain, 70% of the people it impacts are women. And yet, 80% of pain studies are conducted on male mice or human men.”

That’s right. So most of what we know about overall health today is based on studies that have largely focused on men. Read that again one more time and let that sink in.

But don’t worry, because what we DO know of women’s anatomy is engrained with the names of male Doctors!

Did you know that most of the anatomical names for female genitalia are sourced from male doctors’ names who miraculously ‘found’ these parts of the female body?

Just take Ernst Grafenberg for example, a German physician who claims to have located the pleasurable spongey tissue near the urethra commonly known as the ‘G-spot’. That’s right, every time you say that term your calling your body something that is named after a male doctor… ew.

Not only do we see huge sexist gaps in quality of care in the healthcare industry, but we also see prejudice against people of color as well.

Take J. Marion Sims for example, an American physician who is credited with the creation of the speculum, an instrument used to study the cervix. He used Black enslaved women as test subjects in his experiments that focused on treating women’s medical and reproductive challenges. Although these procedures were often excruciatingly painful, Dr. Sims chose to practice on these women without anesthesia and would often operate on them both day and night.

According to History.com, “after 30 operations on one woman, a 17-year-old enslaved woman, named Anarcha, who had had a very traumatic labor and delivery, he finally “perfected” his method—after four years of experimentation.”

Dr. Sims, like many other physicians, worked on the belief that black people are less sensitive to pain than white people. 

This bias still continues today. According to the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, one Doctor in the 1900’s noted that black people bore a “Negro disease [making them] insensible to pain when subjected to punishment”. “Well into the 20th century, researchers continued to experiment on black people based in part on the assumption that the black body was more resistant to pain and injury.”

Couple this racial bias with the ingrained sexism of the medical industry and you’re looking at a life-threatening situation for women of color, literally.

According to a study by the Center for Disease Control as cited by the New York Times, Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die in childbirth than white women.

Some physicians speculate that this is due to the stress that is placed on black women from systemic racism, others believe that this is due to racial prejudice embedded within the medical system. Whatever the cause, these Mothers, babies, and families need a change – and they need it now.

As a white woman, I am aware that I walk through the world with so much privilege. That’s why I founded Womben Wellness, to use this platform to empower all voices and dismantle the system of oppression by unraveling the prejudice that many of us unconsciously subscribe to. To create change outside of us, we have to do the inner-work to unravel the beliefs ingrained in us through surviving within the old system.

One of the reasons that these atrocities still continue today is because women don’t know their options. Many of us don’t have access to the women’s health education to feel informed and empowered in our choices. When we don’t know our options, we are more easily influenced to make choices based on fear and scarcity rather than actual facts. 

We can make this change together, and it all starts with YOU. 

It starts with you having the courage to take the first step on the path. To take responsibility for your body and realize, all the answers you’ve been looking for all along exist inside.

We can make this change together, and it all starts with YOU.

It starts with you having the courage to take the first step on the path. To take responsibility for your body and realize, all the answers you’ve been looking for all along exist inside.

For all the women who have been wronged by the patriarchal system.

For all our Mothers, our Grandmothers who grew up disconnected from the innate wisdom of their feminine cycles.

I know how scary it can be to start on this journey of reconnecting with yourself. That’s why I created our 6-Week Online Womb Sciences Immersion.

It’s a total OVERHAUL of old patriarchal practices and a return to the practices, rituals, and wisdom deeply rooted in feminine-based teachings and women’s wisdom traditions.

These are comprehensive teachings that blend both science and the sacred to provide you with an in-depth look at your body, your femininity, and the all-mighty power that exists within you.

An educated woman is an empowered woman. You probably never learned this information in school. But I believe, it’s never too late.

Together we’re starting a revolution. Are you joining us?

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