You Are More Than Your Productivity

Usha Anandi. 22 | SEPTEMBER | 2020

How many times have you felt an overwhelming sense of guilt after taking a day off work?

And after that day off – whether for sickness or self-care – do you feel yourself making up for that lost time, working yourself to the bone trying to produce more and more?

It’s not surprising if you resonate. Because our society has taught us we need to be constantly creating, showing up and being productive regardless of what is going on in our lives and our bodies.

This kind of linear living goes against our feminine, cyclical nature.

We aren’t only meant to travel on an upward trajectory – regardless of what your favorite influencer tells you, they have bad days, weeks and months too – TRUST ME!

I want you to know there is another way. A way that puts YOU first so you can support yourself to flourish, grow and tap into your greatest reserves of creativity and ingenuity.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

Just as in nature, our bodies and energies move through phases of birth, death and rebirth.

So OF COURSE we can’t be expected to produce and work at a similar level every day.

Yet our patriarchal, capitalist society shapes us to believe that in order to be deemed successful we have to work harder and do more than we did yesterday.

Every. Single. Day.

It filters down to every part of our lives, through education to starting our careers working for ‘the man’. And I don’t know many who are immune to this way of thinking…

I remember when I first started this business. I felt I had to do it all. I was working every single hour I could spare trying to turn my dream into reality.

Yet, it never felt like it was enough.

Every time I reached a target I’d set, I set another without giving myself time to stop, take a break and celebrate.

I was pushing so hard, not taking any time for myself and my body told me.

It was screaming at me with the tell tale signs of burnout – fatigue, apathy, loss of interest and creativity. Yet every time I would take time off to look after myself the feeling of guilt I had was palpable.

I felt that by taking that hour to have a bath, that day to connect with my partner or that weekend away to relax I was putting everything I’d spent my life building on the line.

I was going against everything I’d spent my life learning and teaching. But I couldn’t see there was another option.

But deep down, I KNEW this behavior wasn’t sustainable.

How could I keep producing more and more for the world when I wasn’t taking the time to create anything for myself?

I was so focused on achieving that next step, ‘being successful’ and doing it all alone.

Because I thought that was the only way to do it.

I mean, no one had ever told me there was another way to make a business work.

But there is, and the wise womben of this world know that too.

They know that in order to connect to our creativity and our true power we need to connect to ourselves first.

We need to learn to embrace our cyclical nature and flow with it – not against it.

We need to find the balance between working to improve our lives and working so hard that we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

And, we need to shake the belief that we are more valuable the more we create.

Because, you are not all the things you produce. You are not your achievements. And you are not the hours you clock every day.

You are so much more than that. You are a uniquely beautiful being that’s on this planet to provide something for this world that only YOU can do.

Because how are you supposed to know exactly what that is when you’re constantly feeling the pressure to produce and show up?

There is a way to uncover that within yourself though…

When we connect to our cycles, we connect to our power. Through a cyclical, feminine lens – we can begin accepting every part of ourselves.

And from that place of power we can begin creating and producing from a place of deep alignment- one where we don’t need to fight and push ourselves, but instead focus on letting our creativity FLOW.

When you accept your cyclical nature and place your trust in the cycles of nature, you remember that you’re worthy – despite the hours you clock or what you produce.

And over in my Inner Circle you’ll learn how to do just that so you can begin living a more embodied, alive and meaningful life.

I’m inviting you to join this path less trodden – so you can work from a place of true alignment by learning how to live your life in balance.

You’ll learn how to connect to yourself and your power supported by 100s of other wise womben that are also following their own powerful path towards true transformation.

So are you ready to join this global sisterhood, find your power and begin creating from a place of deep alignment?

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