Doing Business; The Feminine Way

Usha Anandi. 19 | NOVEMBER | 2019

When I first started my business, everyone had a suggestion for me. Similar to the experience many pregnant mothers have when they first announce they’re pregnant – it seems like everyone had an idea of how I should parent my new creative baby.

Few speak on the less glamorous parts of building a business…

It’s more than just having an idea – it’s the ability to show up despite your fears, despite your doubt. It’s the ability to pour your entire soul into it and then lay down at the altar of Spirit with deep trust that if it’s meant to happen, it will.

Few seem to talk about the nights where you’re so frustrated to the point you just want to give up or the long pump up talks you have with yourself in the mirror.

But guess what?


Photo by Miranda Guzman @yomiroyando
from our Wise Womban Way Transformational Facilitator Training in Costa Rica

Nothing compares to the power and sense of meaning that arises from living in alignment with your highest purpose or the rush that comes from listening to your deepest wisdom, and the sense of ALIVENESS that feeds the wildness of your SOUL – more than any stable paycheck or pension plan could.

I’m going to share with you some business advice that I wish someone had told me years ago – there is no RIGHT way, there is only YOUR way.

I know – this isn’t what most people want to hear – and I invite you to notice, do you feel a sinking feeling in your heart as I tell you that I do NOT have the A – Z plan that will bring you success in six months and make you a million dollars without any strings attached?

If I told you I did, I would be lying. AND I would be denying you the absolute GIFT of finding your innate power and truth through the process that is uniquely yours to experience.

Modern culture preaches individualization that separates us from remembering that we are a part of the whole. When we return to the cycles, we remember our place – we are reminded of the simplicity and beauty that comes from living in harmony with it all.

What we need isn’t more masculine systems that teach us how to get from A to Z… what we need is to develop the courage and the intuitive capacity to actually LISTEN to our highest calling and express it AUTHENTICALLY into the world.

And what’s more – we need to learn how to do it sustainably, without killing ourselves in the process! Now this, THIS I can help you with.

Here’s the thing – life isn’t a linear experience, and running a business isn’t either.

Sustainability isn’t just something we need to talk about in environmental terms, the discussion also needs to turn to how we use our own energy as well.

I have seen the face of trauma be hidden through the guise of ‘manifesting’ and although it may look different from the outside – it’s often driven by the desire to prove our worth to the world.

Dr. Gabor Maté, one of my favorite medical experts in the field of trauma and addiction says “if we don’t feel wanted, we make ourselves needed.”

Modern life tells us that everything needs to manifest right NOW. But if we wish to build creations that are to truly last, built by a foundation of integrity – we must simply look to nature to remember, deep roots take time to grow.

As much as the mind would like to convince us, we’re not separate from the world that exists around us. We breathe, move, and live through a rhythmic dance of cyclical being. Just as the tides of the ocean are pushed and pulled by Grandmother Moon’s cycles, we too draw upon her light to carve our own creations.

We can’t show up every day in the same way, because every day, we’re not the same.

When we start to reconnect with the changes that happen in the environment around us, we attune ourselves to the energy that is available to be harnessed within us as well.

I want to show you how to masterfully craft your business from an authentic, aligned place. And I want to show you how to do this while using the wisdom of your body as your scheduling guide.

In our Womb Worker Professional Certificate, I share my feminine based way of creating, planning, and scheduling in a module called ‘Moon Minded Business’.

This way of building your authentic offering and expanding your business is based on endocrine science and the seasons of your menstrual cycle.

Together, we’ll explore how to attune yourself to different lunar phases and hormonal shifts throughout your menstrual cycle to create from an embodied, feminine, and truly SUSTAINABLE way.

No more working yourself to the bone, no more wearing your exhaustion as a badge of honor.

You deserve to have moments of rest and relaxation as you learn the tools to grow your business and thrive.

When we move from a place of deep stillness within ourselves, we become more productive. We stop wasting energy on things that don’t set our hearts ablaze, and we start saying ‘YES’ to what does.

Are you ready to become a Womb Worker? Click the link below to learn more.


Here’s to reconnecting to what’s true, what feels good, what is sustainable for all of us – together.

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