Embodiment in the Time of Covid; a Conversation

Usha Anandi. 19 | MAY | 2020

Being in the body during this time can feel challenging.

Even without a global pandemic, regulating emotions and finding presence, fulfillment, and greater aliveness through the body is already a difficult task for many.

How do we navigate the landscape of our body in an ever-changing external environment?

How do we build the resilience needed to hold ourselves in the incredible depth of what we’re feeling?

A few weeks ago, I hopped on with one of my beloved colleagues, Mellisa of MotherBirth.co to talk about it.

In this podcast, we explore a rich variety of topics. Mellisa and I met in circle when she came to attend one of our trainings in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle.

We are both HUGE believers in the power of organized and facilitated circles to heal, transform, and awaken… but we’re also advocates for creating sacred community from the normal people you see every day in your life.

Many of us have traded healthy, thriving, and deeply supportive communities for facilitated events or online gatherings.

It doesn’t have to be either-or, and right now I know that many of us have to be creative.

But still, we must not forget – the entire purpose of organized gatherings is so we can REMEMBER what it’s like to share, open, sing, and heal in community again.

The intention is to reawaken to the truth – we NEED each other. We heal together.

The amount of power, authenticity, and energy that comes from gathering with other womben walking the same path is fucking electric. It feels like magic. It feels special.

But I always remind students that even though this feels special – it’s not. This is NORMAL. This is how it’s SUPPOSED TO BE. This can be real life, and it’s up to you to make it possible.

In the interview, I share two different practices to support you in making magic, presence, and aliveness your reality in these uncertain times.

Okay, enough talking! The best way you can understand what I’m talking about is by experiencing it. Click the button below to listen to the interview.

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