How to Heal Your Relationship with Money

Usha Anandi. 18 | JANUARY | 2021

When I first started Womben Wellness, I was financially incompetent.

Logging into my online banking would send a surge of anxiety through my body.

Numbers made me uncomfortable, and talking about money made me squirm in my seat.

My desire to be financially independent was suffocated by compacted shame and self-doubt.

And I know this isn’t just my story. Working with thousands of womben, I’ve noticed something – the way we connect to money is the same way we connect to our womb.

Historically, women have been oppressed in both areas, keeping us from having the sense of security, sovereignty, and large-scale influence we need to make change.

Through working with my womb, I began the journey of healing my relationship to my money, sovereignty, and power.

And it’s time I share the REAL + TANGIBLE tools to help you do the same.

I’m putting together 3-months worth of lectures and ceremonies inside our Inner Circle Membership to explore the relationship with money as a Collective.

In the first month, we’ll be delving into our “money stories” – what familial baggage around the topic we may be holding and how to release them. In the second month we will get very REAL and explore the harmful patterns we may be seeing in the way we handle income or expenses, And lastly in the final month, we will be re-writing our money goals and creating a plan to achieve them with the support of your sisters inside the Inner Circle.

I’m excited to work with this content in Inner Circle later this year.

Now let’s get into it.

In Catholic church growing up, I heard the phrase “money is the root of all evil” as the church’s collection basket made its rounds, stuffed with wads of 10s and 20s.

In my mind, money and spirituality didn’t mix.

After all, weren’t we drilling into the Earth, cutting down millions trees, and pumping chemicals into the soil in the name of money?

Somehow, I always figured out how to squeeze by financially. And at one time, I was satisfied living paycheck to paycheck.

Becoming a Mother changed me (and I’m only 7 months pregnant with my first). It made everything more real, more tangible. All of a sudden, I needed money, and I needed it now.

Luckily, our Co-Director Camille, is a serious financial maven, and invited me to confront my money story a few years ago.

One day on a call she asked me “how much money do you want to make a month?”.

Immediately, I found myself babbling, heat rising in my body, feeling like I was going to shit my pants.

Even to someone who I loved dearly, heck – my own BUSINESS partner, I felt shame standing in my financial desires.

That’s when I realized I needed to rework and reprogram my story around money.

Because whether we’d like to admit it or not – your money story affects us and the way we live our lives.

I’ve done A LOT of personal work in this area, and I’ve boiled down all I’ve learned to three tips to help you heal your relationship with money.

1. Know your money story

Although we always seemed to have enough money to go on vacations, take piano lessons, and buy new clothes for school, money was always a huge point of contention in my house growing up.

My maternal Grandmother lived through the Great Depression in the United States as a child, and the traumatic impact of her experience was deeply imprinted in my Mother.

So even as young children, my sister and I were reminded often that life was expensive and at any time, our money could run out.

My financial story has always been colored with a deep sense of scarcity and lack.

Deep down there was a fear that I would wake up one day and suddenly lose it all, just like my Grandmother and her family did in the Great Depression.

When I first started Womben Wellness, I had $300 in my bank account. And even as that number has increased over the years, the underlying anxiety that I would lose everything was somehow always there.

We can’t change anything until we bring awareness to it. That’s why knowing your money story is so powerful (and sometimes awkward, uncomfortable, and painful) – only once you know what limiting beliefs you’re working with can you begin to shift them.

Most of us are unconsciously relating to money based on inherited stories from our ancestors or influential experiences we had as children.

If we want to heal our relationship with money, we have to crack the code on our own personal money story.

So grab a journal, be radically honest, and jot down the answers to these questions:

  • Did your ancestors on either side (maternal or paternal) experience any losses or traumas surrounding money, land, or resources? If so, what were they?
  • How was money spoken about in your house growing up?
  • What is your relationship with money?
  • Do you notice any similarities or parallels between your money story and the money story of your ancestors?

2. Reconnect with your Inner Masculine

I’ve spent over 10,000 hours of my life teaching, sharing, and writing about womb wisdom.

Through this work, I’ve been blessed to connect with thousands of women – most of whom are on a journey to reclaim their feminine.

And although most of these women are literally oozing sensuality and life-force….

When finances, commitments, and accountability are brought up – the majority of them go running the other way.

And of course they do. When the only model we have for achievement and financial success is based on a patriarchal, capitalist, toxic masculine system – we get burned, we feel jaded.

But if we’re to build a new economy based on feminine, earth-based principles, we have to do the INTERNAL work to make it happen.

And that means healing our relationship with our Inner Masculine.

Each of us has masculine and feminine energy within us. For thousands of years, the feminine has been suppressed by the patriarchy – but the masculine hasn’t escaped unscathed.

When the two are in balance in our body, the masculine creates the container for the feminine to create freely.

When the two are in balance in our lives, we show up to our commitments to ourselves and others in order to experience greater clarity, creativity, and meaning in our lives.

Are you in touch with your Inner Masculine? Explore these questions and find out…

  • Are you impeccable with your word? Do you often say “yes” to people when you really mean “no”? After saying “yes”, do you follow through?
  • How comfortable are you moving from the stage of creation to ACTION? Do you find it easy to materialize your wants, dreams, and reality with everyday tasks and commitments?
  • Do you strive to maintain relationships with people in your life that hold you accountable to your spiritual path, commitments, and desires?

If you’ve identified some challenges in any of these areas, it’s possible your relationship with your Inner Masculine needs some healing, and likely your relationship with money does too.

3. Heal Your Relationship with Your Womb

It’s only been 47 years since women in the United States could open a credit application without needing a man to cosign, thanks to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Money and women’s health education go hand in hand. Both directly connect us to a sense of freedom, liberation, and agency.

Is it a coincidence that both access to financial resources and accurate women’s health education have been systematically limited? I think not.

An educated, financially literate woman is one who is less easily controlled by the patriarchy.

An embodied, womb-guided woman is one who steers her life from a place of freedom, sovereignty, and agency.

She is a threat; through her very existence, she reminds others of the possibility of being free.

If you want to heal your relationship with money, the work starts in healing your relationship with your womb.

I want to support you in SMASHING through internalized systems that keep us small.

That’s why I’m sitting with this content now and preparing to share this with you later this year!


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