Remembering the Feminine Way

Usha Anandi. 12 | MAY | 2020

So much of my life has been spent trying to fit into someone else’s version of success, happiness, and even femininity.

Women’s bodies are treated as public property; lawmakers spend a lot of time telling us what we can and cannot do with them.

Growing up, I found myself deeply engaged in the study of feminism. As a young girl, I would research women’s rights movements and gaze at the faces of women protesting and advocating for their rights. I was mesmerized by their unity, their sense of purpose, and most of all – their courage.

Long story short, I became a feminist. But still, something didn’t feel right.

On my way to proving my worth and equality to men, I found myself becoming more and more disconnected from my menstrual cycle, my softness, and a sense of grace.

The women before us have done a lot of work, but we’re not there yet.

In our attempts to prove equality, many of us have forgotten how to honor our uniqueness. We have forgotten how to care for these bodies that bleed, carry life, give birth, and go through unique changes.

There has to be another way – one that is paved with reverence for feminine power and the magnificent ways in which it manifests through softness, bravery, and strength. One that acknowledges our inherent worth and obvious equality to others without forcing us to shift, change, or modify who we are.

Last week, I hopped on a call with Holly Dramey, from Tarot Talk Podcast, to speak about how we can remember this path.

In our hour together, we unravel topics like the womb + jaw connection, where I draw my inspiration from, feminine-based yoga, and much more.

For those who are ready to begin reclaiming their femininity and returning home to the womb, I’ve created a FREE Beginner’s Guide to Womb Wisdom which you can access HERE.