Revealing The Secrets Of Hormonal Balance

Usha Anandi. 30 | SEPTEMBER | 2020

Before I came off the pill, balancing my hormones was the last thing on my mind.

After all, I took a pill to do that.

But then, after 4.5 years of taking that one tiny pill everyday, my body started to send me some SERIOUS signs that it was time to stop. Cystic acne on my jaw, neck, and chin, severe hair loss, and mood swings were just some of the ways my body started talking…

I knew something seriously had to change.

So I followed my intuition and came off hormonal birth control.

Little did I know, one decision would change the course of my life for years to come…

Not only did it change the course of my life, it also forced me to come face to face with the imbalance within my body.

For years, the pill had masked my symptoms while furthering imbalance and miscommunication within my body.

So, I had to find a way to make my way back to balance.

And at the time, it felt like there were very few options available to me.

Either the cold, sterile and emotionally unavailable doctors office. Or the elitist-seeming spiritual space that told me to relinquish all human emotion and feeling.

Neither of them felt all that appealing. Instead, I forged a middle path.

And now, after years of working with thousands of clients and students, I know that unfortunately, my story isn’t so unique.

I know there are many that haven’t been taught the language of their bodies.

And of course we aren’t…

When you become sovereign from the system and more educated about your own body, you’re less likely to be manipulated into taking a medication you don’t need or buying a product with dangerous side effects.

We’re taught that modern allopathic medicine is the end-all-be-all – that science rules above all.

Yet, there are so many womb health issues that we still don’t have answers for…

Such as why are 1 in 6 women diagnosed with unexplained fertility. Or that men have a 50% lower sperm count than they did 40 years ago?!

In my years of teaching and working with clients, I’ve learned science doesn’t have all the answers. If we’re going to heal, many of us need a middle path.

A path that alchemizes science with the sacred and delivers practical guidance to help you reconnect with your body.

Healing is far more than just physical – it’s energetic and ancestral. Our wombs are imprinted with the unprocessed experiences of those who walked before us, which means that often – what we’re working with or challenged by in our bodies isn’t solely ours.

The womb is a portal for deep ancestral work – and health challenges often kickstart the journey.

By understanding where we come from, we can better grasp how that might impact our current health situation. From that place of awareness, we rewrite our ancestral story by educating ourselves to make informed decisions that steer our bodies and our lineage towards healing and balance.

And that’s exactly what I had the honor of talking about with the ever Lovely Alea over on her Spiritual Sh*t podcast.

We discussed how our upbringings shape the relationship we have with our body. How we are deeply influenced by the relationship we have with our ancestors and the relationship they had with themselves. And finally, how we can take true responsibility for our overall health.

Plus, because you all know I LOVE to over deliver… I shared my top three tips to help you regain balance within yourself so you can heal from hormonal imbalances.

Because if we can support our body to heal, it will.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to the podcast now!

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