Usha Anandi. 13 | APRIL | 2020

I don’t need to tell you, this time is intense.

As the news continues to broadcast the current state of emergency medical supplies, real and sobering hospitalizations and deaths, and even economic effects of the current global pandemic, many of us may feel lost in the headlines and forget to ask ourselves a very important question…

Amidst all of this, how are YOU doing?

How is your body?

How is your breath?

How is your appetite, your digestion, your sleep?

How is your heart, your womb?

In crisis, it’s common to have temporary amnesia to all of the practices we have in the toolbox.

But right now (perhaps more than ever), we need them.

And we need them in a way that honors, recognizes, and adapts to how the body might be reacting during this time.

That’s why I created our 6-week Online Immersion – Womb Sciences. In this revolutionary training, you will learn how to reconnect with your inner power by getting the education they never wanted you to have.


If you’ve been feeling disoriented, numb, confused, panicked, fearful, or yearning for a fantasy or escape from current reality, you’re not alone.

As our beautiful Community Manager Kristina says, “this is a NORMAL reaction to an ABNORMAL situation.”

What we need in this time is not spiritual cheerleaders who push us to create, do, or BE anything than what we are. To me, this feels like patriarchal programming dressed in different clothes.

What we DO need (in my humble, opinion) are tools, techniques, and REAL practices that meet us where we’re at and support us in building resiliency, hope, and strength.

Right now is a perfect time to open our eyes and orient ourselves to the environment around us.

The world is changing, and the only way we can influence the direction it takes is by reclaiming our personal authority and remembering our ability to impact not only our own environment but the collective.

We need faith, hope, and prayer backed up by real, tangible action that begins with each one of us taking responsibility for how we’re showing up both during this crisis and after.

You’re reading this because somewhere deep within you, you care. Not only about your own body, but the bodies of others – your fellow humans, the animals, the Earth and all her children.

You’re here because your intuition tells you that there’s another way of living that’s possible for us. A relationship with existence that’s rooted in connection with our own innate wisdom, personal power, and remembrance of all that is sacred.

Before we learn how to move forward with grace, we have to meet ourselves where we are.

We have to learn how to tap into the internal resiliency given to us by our ancestors, that which is vibrant, courageous, and embedded within our cells.

In difficult times, we can lean on the adaptability and brilliance of our bodies to find a sense of personal authority and even power during difficult times.

How your body responds to crisis will be unique to you. But let me tell you…

So many students and clients have been reaching out to me with experiences of menstrual irregularities, painful periods, missed ovulation, poor digestion, pregnancy loss, anxiety, pelvic numbness, inability to orgasm, hormonal breakouts, hair loss, constipation, heightened stress…

So if you’re feeling those things during this time, you’re not alone.

Remember, it’s a NORMAL reaction to an abnormal situation.

Your body is a reflection of the environment around you. Beyond even your conscious awareness, the body feels, responds, and reflects to the changes happening at the collective level.

But we don’t have to rely on the external environment in shifting before we take responsibility for learning how to heal, transform, and access resiliency within ourselves.

We’ve reached a potent turning point on our planet.

We’ve been given the gift and the challenge of taking a Great Pause. We must make sure that as the world begins to open up and start moving again, we’re not navigating our environment, government, and economic systems from the same, outdated, patriarchal place.

Real change for the collective starts at a personal level. What we need now is not a return to old ways, but the ability to use feminine-based wisdom to guide our way from an embodied, aligned, and balanced place.

I’ve received your messages, calls, and texts… I know you need support right now, we all do.

That’s why we created our Womb Sciences Online Immersion!

Over the 6-weeks you’ll learn how to shift from a place of panic, fear, or numbness into a more deeply present, embodied, and powerful state.

That’s where I want us all envisioning our future from – a place of expansion, rather than fear or contraction.

Whether you’re a total science nerd like me or super into embodied, tangible practices you can integrate into your life right away, this training has something for you.

Now more than ever, we need to remember the wisdom, power, and intuition within our wombs.