How to Speak the Language of Your Body


What the mind forgets, the body remembers. Learn body-based tools to let go of limiting beliefs, heal trauma, and learn how to speak the language of your body.

How to Speak the Language of Your Body2021-05-10T20:11:28-07:00

An Ayurvedic Diet – How To Eat For Your Dosha


Are you ready to begin your healing journey through practical and ancient healing methods? Of course, you are. In this blog, I’ll be giving you sharing practical dietary advice so you can eat for your type.

An Ayurvedic Diet – How To Eat For Your Dosha2020-11-11T08:00:02-08:00

Looking To Our Past To Rebuild Our Future


If you’re like me dreaming of days gone by when we were able to come together and heal ourselves this blog is the introduction you need to come back to that way of living.

Looking To Our Past To Rebuild Our Future2020-10-22T11:21:43-07:00

Your Guide To Sacred Self Care


Self-care doesn’t have to look like hours and hours of meditation every day because honestly, how sustainable is that? But if you want to find out how to get the most bang for your buck with your self-care rituals read on here…

Your Guide To Sacred Self Care2020-09-08T14:16:33-07:00

4 Books for Menstrual Empowerment


I get asked all the time ‘how can I get educated on reconnecting to my cycle?’ Well here’s your answer, these 4 books will help you to reconnect to the wonder of your menstrual cycle.

4 Books for Menstrual Empowerment2020-09-08T13:45:27-07:00

Why Your Anger Is Sacred


One of the emotions I’ve struggled with expressing the most in my life is anger. Maybe it was the fact that my father didn’t express his anger in a healthy way and I often felt silenced but I soon came to realize that I have a right to my emotions - all of them. And so do you.

Why Your Anger Is Sacred2020-09-04T11:27:47-07:00

Discrimination in Women’s Health


Let us remember that the revolution happening in the United States is not something caused only by the murders of Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor, or George Floyd. It’s a call for justice and liberation from over 400+ years of racism, bias, and white supremacy.

Discrimination in Women’s Health2020-09-04T11:27:51-07:00

A Guide to Smoking Herbs as Ritual


Long before cigarette companies perverted the sacred plant of tobacco and way before smoking was considered ‘cool’, wise people smoked herbs. Smoking is a ritual that can be used to connect you with your ancestors and your self, join me to learn more.

A Guide to Smoking Herbs as Ritual2020-11-02T21:47:03-08:00

Embodiment in the Time of Covid; a Conversation


Even without a global pandemic, regulating emotions and finding presence, fulfillment, and greater aliveness through the body is already a difficult task for many. How do we navigate the landscape of our body during these times?

Embodiment in the Time of Covid; a Conversation2020-09-04T11:27:54-07:00

Processing Grief and Loss in Times of Uncertainty


It’s no denying that right now we’re all experiencing our own unique version of loss. And grief is a skill we just do not have. Our society has always taught us to bottle up our feelings. But not anymore...

Processing Grief and Loss in Times of Uncertainty2020-09-04T11:27:56-07:00
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