Full Moon in CANCER

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10 | JANUARY | 2020

Written by Allison Chamberlain Jones, E-RYT, Astrologer, yoga instructor, reiki practitioner. Co-owner @wonderyoga. Follow more of Allison’s astrology work on Instagram and book a reading with her here.

The first Full Moon of 2020 occurs on January 10th at 2:21pm EDT.

This Full Moon in Cancer has her work cut out for her as she sits opposite a heavy line up of planets in Capricorn.

This moon is exactly opposite Mercury and sitting across from the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto as well.

Saturn and Pluto form an exact conjunction just two days later on January 12th – a once every 33 to 38 year event.

This Full Moon is also a partial lunar eclipse making it that much more – shall we say – “emo.”

Cancer is ruled by the Moon so our night light is at home here.

Cancer is soft and squishy on the inside – extremely sensitive, emotional, sentimental and compassionate. The mother of the zodiac, this sign loves all of the comforts of home and creating a “homey” environment wherever he/she goes.

Lunar eclipses tend to impact relationships – bringing something unresolved up to the surface.

Go easy on yourself during this time as emotions are likely to be heightened and tension may be flaring.

It typically takes 48 hours or so after the full moon is exact for the energy to be completely dispersed. You may need these two days to fully interpret, understand and integrate the lessons.

Also on January 10th, Uranus in Taurus stations, completing its retrograde journey.

We enter a five week time period now when all planets are in direct motion.

Teaming up with the powerful numerology of 1/11 the next day we should feel some wind at our backs here.

This is an amazing time to really make some big progress. The cosmic energy will support building with speed and efficiency with few, if any, roadblocks.

Photo by Miranda Guzman @yomiroyando

Ritual for Full Moon in Cancer

Written by Usha Anandi, Founder and Creative Director of Womben Wellness

This Full Moon in Cancer is a potent opportunity to tune into our emotional depths to understand, validate, and tend to our emotions to guide our lives from a place of inner-embodiment.

Many of us falsely believe that we are alone in our experience of pain, joy, confusion, or suffering. When we lose ourselves in nature, we have the opportunity to remember, just as we feel deeply, the Earth does too. Nature is our original refuge. By communing with Her, we learn to meet ourselves more deeply in silence, patience, and a greater understanding of our own inner cycles of life, death, and renewal.

The sacred waters of the Earth contain the nectar and very essence of life.

It is through the rivers, the creeks, the oceans, the streams and the rain that all life on Earth is nurtured into being. If you want to heal yourself, send prayers to the water within you and trust that this water will flow into and infuse every cell of your being with healing. Similarly, if we want to heal the Earth we must send our prayers, blessings, and songs into the waters of the Earth.

Photo by Miranda Guzman @yomiroyando


This month’s ritual will focus on connecting you back with the life-giving powers of the Earth.

  1. Go to a stream, a river, a creek, the ocean – find a fresh source of water.
  2. Breathe with her
  3. Feel into your body and focus on one thing that you’re calling in healing for
  4. Set an intention
  5. Send those prayers into the Earth

Perhaps one of the reasons that we’re so disconnected from ourselves is because we’re disconnected from the Earth. This ritual will support you in not only healing yourself, but in healing Her.

How did this ritual land for you? Join the conversation in our private Womben Wellness Collective Facebook group.

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