Full Moon in TAURUS

12 | NOVEMBER | 2019

Written by Allison Chamberlain Jones, E-RYT, Astrologer, yoga instructor, reiki practitioner. Co-owner @wonderyoga. Follow more of Allison’s astrology work on Instagram and book a reading with her here.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on Tuesday November 12th at 8:34am EDT one day after Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio.

This full moon is a time of abundance, heightened intensity, emotion, passion and the birth of that which you’ve been tending to over the past few months. Taurus is an earth sign which rules the physical domain.

This includes things like all of your material possessions, your clothing, car, home and your body. Taurus is practical and down to earth. The opposite sign – where the Sun and Mercury currently sit is Scorpio – ruler of the metaphysical world.

Taurus reminds us to take comfort where and when we can while Scorpio is always testing our inner strength. This is a good time to allow yourself to indulge in a sensory experience as Taurus rules sensuality. Because Mercury is still retrograde it’s wise to take things slowly and not make any major changes or decisions until Mercury goes direct on November 20th.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to pause and reflect. Taurus is the perfect accompaniment to this phase. It’s common to get swept up in the rat race, to live more through one’s masculine energy and to be practically cut off from the feminine.

This Taurus Full Moon serves as a reminder for us all to appreciate the feminine.

The Moon has no light of its own – she merely reflects the Sun. Let this moon reflect whatever is in your heart so that you can see your inner truth more clearly.

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual

Written by Usha Anandi, Founder and Creative Director of Womben Wellness

For thousands of years, women have gathered to celebrate the auspicious times marked by the moon’s changing light. Grandmother Moon is the original timekeeper. She reminds us that life isn’t a straight path – it’s a spiraling, circling, feminine and fluid existence.

Taurus represents all that is nurturing, sensual, and truly grounded and embodied. Originally ruled by the planet Venus – Taurus invites us to find ‘home’ within ourselves by tending to the temple of the body.

Ritual for Full Moon in Taurus

Spiritual paradigms are currently shifting to include a more feminine, embodied, somatic approach to healing. We no longer have to project ourselves outside of the body to find divinity, and Taurus reminds us of that. Allow the light of this full moon to illuminate the places within your body that need your nourishing, loving care the most.

Many of us are used to offering to a deity, a spiritual teacher, or an archetypal embodiment of the Earth. For this full moon’s practice, you are to be devoted to no one but yourself.

Let the tender flesh of your body feel your love and believe – you deserve it.

The act of ritual begins as soon as the intention formulates, which means that every step, every breath, every moment while you prepare, create, and enact ritual is one of devotion.

Before the ritual, create a quiet space to be with yourself in your room, apartment, or home. Close the door, turn down the lights, light candles, turn on soft music. Only YOU know what makes you feel comfortable, connected, and sensual. Taking time to intentionally set up your space isn’t the act that comes BEFORE the ritual, setting up your space is PART of the ritual itself.

For this ritual you will need:

  • ½ Cup Warm Oil (see the oil guide below)
  • Access to a warm shower
  • Towel or blanket to cover your bed or floor with (to avoid oil spillage)

Choosing Your Oil

  • Coconut Oil – Cooling and neutralizing, ideal for people who have sensitive skin or often experience spots of redness, breakouts, or rashes. Soothing for those who experience anger or irritability.
  • Sesame Oil – Grounding and nourishing, ideal for people who have rough or dry skin or often experience, flakiness or uneven skin texture. Soothing for those who experience anxiety or racing thoughts.
  • Mustard Seed Oil – Warming and detoxifying, ideal for people who have heavy or oily skin or often experience excess mucus, slow digestion, or bacterial/fungal infections. Soothing for people who often feel lethargic or uninspired by life.

Begin by laying your towel or blanket on your bed, couch, or the ground to prepare your space for your self-massage.

Pour the ½ cup of the oil of your choice into a pan and heat it on the stove for 1 – 2 minutes. The oil should be quite warm but still comfortable to the touch. Keep in mind that you will be rubbing this oil on your body, so check the heat regularly to ensure you don’t burn yourself.

Once the oil is heated to your preferred temperature, bring it over to your space. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position placing the oil next to you.

Close your eyes if it’s comfortable for you and begin to simply witness your body breathing.

Deepen the breath as you scan the body. Take extra time to be tender with yourself. Every inhale lifts your crown towards the sky as you feel a lightness, an expansion within the chest.

With every exhale, you melt into deeper presence.

Silently ask yourself the question…

“What do I need, right now?”

Allow this question to radiate through your cells as you silently inquire as many times as you intuitively feel you need to.

Sometimes answers will arise, and sometimes they won’t… breathe + contemplate for 10 – 20 breaths.

Gathering the information your physical sensations have shared with you, begin to form your own personal affirmation or mantra.

Create a mantra that is in the positive present – as if you were already living your deepest desire or intention. For example, if my intention was to heal – I would create the mantra “I am healed”, as if I already knew that this transformation had already happened.

With every breath, envision that you’re sending the energy of your affirmation from your heart and into your hands. Sense that the hands are warm and expansive with presence.

Taking the warm oil in your palms, begin to explore your body with the softness of your hands as you rub and nurture your body as if you were infusing each part of your body with your own medicine.

Take the time to explore your physical landscape, moisturizing your skin from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.

Practice for 10 – 20 minutes and stay curious to the sensations, thoughts, or emotions that arise.

After the ritual, take a warm shower to help the pores of your skin to open as you receive the soothing energy of the oil.

Allow this ritual to teach you – on this full moon (and every full moon!), you have permission to be soft with yourself.

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