3 Books for Honoring Menopause


Depending on our age, menopause might not be on our minds. I mean, most of us don’t know our plans for this upcoming year. Let alone the next ten, twenty, or thirty! But what if I told you that the KEY to sustained vitality and an easy transition in menopause wasn’t something you’ll discover down the road…

3 Books for Honoring Menopause2021-03-09T15:00:50-08:00

5 Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally


Irregular periods, lack of ovulation, or fertility challenges? Incorporate these five simple tips into your life to balance your hormones, boost fertility, and feel better in your body today.

5 Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally2021-01-04T18:08:44-08:00

You Are More Than Your Productivity


Do you feel the pressure to show up every day and when you miss even the smallest amount of time when you could be working feel overwhelmed with guilt? Know that you aren’t alone - it’s the way we’ve been programmed. But there is another way, let me show you.

You Are More Than Your Productivity2020-09-23T18:29:21-07:00

Processing Grief and Loss in Times of Uncertainty


It’s no denying that right now we’re all experiencing our own unique version of loss. And grief is a skill we just do not have. Our society has always taught us to bottle up our feelings. But not anymore...

Processing Grief and Loss in Times of Uncertainty2020-09-04T11:27:56-07:00

From Survival to Thrival; Why We Need Each Other


I believe in the magic of women coming together to heal especially in times of crisis. The animal of the body needs a sense of connection, closeness, and intimacy not only to survive but to thrive. Here's how you can learn to thrive.

From Survival to Thrival; Why We Need Each Other2020-09-04T11:28:00-07:00
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