The Ancient Elixir for the Heart

I was seduced in the jungles of Costa Rica.

And it’s probably not what you think.

I remember the first time I tasted her smooth, rich flavor.

I had never been with her before, but still - she reminded me of home.


Photo by our resident photographer Miranda Guzman. To check out her stunning work, click here

When I first met the medicine of cacao in ceremony, I knew that life wouldn’t be the same.

What I didn’t know, is that this plant would guide me on a journey through the sacred lands of the Americas and play an instrumental part in meeting Doña Maria Carmen, my beloved teacher. 

In our modern, colonial, patriarchal world we are taught surface-level living. We say a quick hello and then, we move on. We read the headline of a story, then skim to the next page. We live on the surface where we can stay comfortable. We coast through life, and many of us successfully remain unattached, unaffected, and unchanged.

Our current mainstream understanding of plants is no different. We see them only at the surface level. We are so attached to enjoying their body, we miss the energetic essence of who they ACTUALLY are.  

Plants are far more than just their phytochemicals. They offer more than just vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. 

Infused within each plant is a unique medicine, a spirit. Yes, that’s right - I am proposing (although I have no doubt in my heart) that plants are sentient, spiritual, absolutely precious beings. 

I remember when I first started reading Terence Mckenna, an American ethnobotanist who opened deeply studied the world of psychedelic plants. One line that he wrote will always stay with me and ring through my being - 

“Avoid Gurus, follow plants.” 

And so, I did.


Photo from one of our sacred womben’s intensives in Costa Rica.

I first met the teacher of cacao in ceremony in Costa Rica. Her medicine was dark, sultry, and invited me to dive deeper into the medicine of my own heart. 

All throughout Mexico and Central America, cacao is revered as a Goddess of fertility and abundance. She is worshipped for her ability to connect us back to the most authentic part of ourselves. When we work with cacao, we are reconnected to the magic, the openness - the Truth that exists within our heart.

When we are young, there is a kind of innocence to our play. We express ourselves gleefully, unashamedly. We are aware of our potential and believe wholeheartedly in the mystical Universe where all is possible. 

Yet, somewhere along the way - many of us lose ourselves. We are molded, shaped, and conditioned to hold in our joy - or situations arise that teach us that life is anything but joyful. 


Cacao reconnects us with that which is inherently joyful in our being. She resurrects our inner child from the ashes and supports her maturation into a fully embodied human who leads life fearlessly from the heart. 

How many times in your life have you heard “listen to your heart” and felt absolutely dumbfounded by HOW to actually do that? 

Cacao is your teacher, listen to her. 

When we connect with a plant in ceremony, we work specifically with their spiritual essence. Many of us learn about plants in terms of how they can heal our physical body, but when we work with a plant in ceremony - we set the intention to heal the Soul, the being at the CORE of who you truly are.

Okay - enough talk. I want you to actually EXPERIENCE cacao so these teachings can come alive. Below I’ve included my favorite recipe that I use to connect with this powerful teacher. 

Medicinal Cacao Elixir 



2 Teaspoons organic raw cacao powder

½ Teaspoon organic ceylon cinnamon 

½ Teaspoon dried organic roses (or 1 teaspoon fresh organic roses) 

1 Full cup of water 

½ Teaspoon of raw honey 

*Makes 1 serving 

Bring the water to a boil, then add the cacao powder and turn down the heat. Allow the cacao and cinnamon to the water and simmer for 2 - 4 minutes, or until you start smelling a rich, enticing smell from the water. Turn off the heat, add the roses and then cover with a lid as the medicines infuse into each other. Uncover the medicine and place a finger in the mixture to test the heat. Add raw honey only once the heat is bearable enough to keep your finger in the water for 10 seconds.

Raw honey, when heated - loses all of it’s medicinal properties and chemically changes to a high glycemic food.

Before you drink your medicine, take a few minutes to set an intention. 

Cacao won’t take you anywhere you’re not ready to go. 


Caught in my most natural habitat, in a deep squat serving medicine for one of our womben’s intensives in Costa Rica.

She outstretches her hand and quietly whispers - ‘come my sister, the answer is this way.’ But YOU are the one who has to decide to take the first step. She shows you the path, you must initiate it. 

When an intention arrives, gently invite your cup of cacao to your face. Take three deep breaths and sense that the inhale is supporting your intention to grow. As you exhale, slowly blow your intention into your cup as a way of infusing it into your medicine. 

For the rest of your day, notice the physical sensations that arise in your body and pay close attention to your heart. Stay curious to your experience - everything that arises is here to teach you in some kind of way. 

Ayurveda for a Conscious Conception

Written by Daniela Escobar (Prema), Ayurvedic Practitioner & Holistic Health Educator. Read more about Prema and book a consultation with her here


The best gift you can offer to your future baby. 

The ancient holistic science of Ayurveda offers us the necessary tools to create a healthy environment inside and outside of ourselves for conscious conception to take place. Ayurveda guides us on how to be in harmony with our environment through the cultivation of sattva (purity & clarity) in our body, mind, and heart. 

“Children are born to help intensify the burning of karma and to learn the various lessons of the path towards self-realization.”

-OM EinDor Berov

Bringing a soul into this world is a big commitment and comes with significant responsibility. 

When you become a parent, ideally you want to be able to offer your baby a safe and loving environment, where its soul will be able to have the necessary tools to nourish the flame of spiritual awakening. 

It is said in Ayurveda that a conscious conception will allow a higher soul to come into this world not only to fulfill a physical life but more importantly, a spiritual life.

The yoga tradition explains that couples should bring children into this world only if they are ready to show them the path of Universal truth — a spiritual practice that ultimately leads to a life of truthfulness, love, ahimsa (non-harming), studying of Self, awareness, and surrendering to the Divine.

According to Ayurveda, to conceive a healthy child, proper menstrual periods and ovulation (suddha artava), and pure and potent semen (suddha sukra) together with a balanced mind by both parents is necessary. 

Ayurveda recognizes that body, mind, and soul are interconnected and essential in the process of conscious conception. It considers that the mind of both parents should be filled with purity and harmony to bring a healthy baby into this world. At the moment of conception our consciousness will affect the consciousness of the baby throughout his or her life.

How can we bring more harmony into our minds?

  • Daily practice of meditation 

  • Eating wholesome vegetarian fresh foods

  • Daily exercise

  • Seeing miracles happening around us (sunrise, flowers blooming, beautiful sky, rain, and whatever you are ready to see as miracles)

  • Being free from all types of intoxicants

  • Offering all your actions to the Divine 

  • Having daily showers and wearing fresh clothes

  • Putting incense around our homes 

  • Elevating our consciousness by reading articles that bring higher vibration or listening to positive talks.

  • Sharing love and laughter with friends and family

There is a statement out there that says: we are what we eat. 

Untitled design (8).png

So, it all begins in what we consume. The way we nourish our bodies and senses is the same as how we nourish our consciousness. Following a healthy lifestyle according to our bodily constitution and the seasons it will allow harmony to fill our body, mind, and soul. 

Steps towards conscious conception for both partners:

Once intentions are clear and one has consciously chosen the path of becoming a parent, they are ready for the next steps: 

The first step is when a person's heart is open to becoming a parent, and he/she starts to develop a connection with his/her future baby’s soul, which gets stronger over time. 
The second step is for parents to discuss how their lives will be fulfilled when their baby is born and how they will support each other.

The third step is to begin to prepare for a healthy pregnancy through the three stages that Ayurveda recommends. 
All of these practices will establish a bond of love between parents and their future baby’s soul even before conception takes place.
The three stages that Ayurveda recommends for the preparation of the body are: 

1. Cleansing

2. Nourishing/Rejuvenating

3. Ritual

1) Ayurveda teaches that the cleansing of the body is essential to prepare the body for pregnancy.

This stage can be done at different levels. The most basic and simple form of detoxification will be to eat wholesome fresh foods, avoiding processed foods, sugar, caffeine, or any intoxicants for a minimum of three weeks. 

A more detailed cleanse that will target the gut and the digestive system is a kitchari cleanse. Which consists of a mono-diet of mung beans and rice with digestive spices that will allow the digestive system to rest and reset. For more information on kitchari cleanse visit this link. 
This cleanse can be done from a period of 7 to 14 days depending on each individual and their needs. 

For a more advanced cleanse you can get in touch with an Ayurvedic practitioner that will guide you through a personalized detox program like panchakarma (ayurvedic advanced detoxification and therapies program) which will focus on each partner's bodily type, any imbalances, toxins, and concerns; with the purpose to bring it into its optimal state of well-being.

During panchakarma, any obstruction or imbalances in the reproductive tissues will be addressed.  

2) The second stage is called Rasayana or rejuvenating therapies and herbs. 

Untitled design (9).png

This stage will enhance fertility in both partners and will create healthy Beeja (Seeds) - ovum and sperm. This is the stage where all the tissues of the body are appropriately formed and nourished through a wholesome diet and specific herbs that will create good quality tissues and will boost the immunity. Therefore nourishing the reproductive organs to prepare for conception. This period will take around 3 - 6 months.

It is essential to first clean the body before consuming Rasayana herbs or foods in order for the body to properly absorb all the Soma (nourishing) qualities. 

Some examples of Rasayana are:

  • Having healthy oils in every meal. 

  • Eating dates, almonds, and spices like saffron. 

  • Herbs like ashwagandha and shatavari 

  • Amruta Ojas Ladoos - for more information, click here. 

  • Doing daily oil self-massage

  • Filling one's heart with love 

3)  After these two powerful stages, the final step of ritual takes place. 

Many different rituals are explained in the Vedas with the purpose of making this event more auspicious. Their intention is to guide us on how to engage in an appropriate act of lovemaking to create a more positive energy for conscious conception to take place. 

Some of these rituals are:

    • Both partners should take showers 

    • The bed should be prepared with clean sheets 

    • Partners should practice oil massage on each other

    • Create the perfect environment with candles and incense

    • Soul gazing and words of affirmation

    • Doing pranayama (nadi shodhana) before lovemaking

    • Synchronize the breath with each other

    • When lovemaking women should be laying on her back and man on top

    • Lovemaking should not be done during the daytime, dawn, or dusk, an eclipse, full moon, or new moon, when hungry or thirsty, or within two hours after eating 

    • Mind should be calm and peaceful looking to connect with each others soul. 

With the help of your practitioner and a jyotishi (astrologer), you can choose the perfect time during rutukala (favorable period of conception) to determine when this event should take place.

The choice of conscious conception is the most beautiful gift that you can offer to that higher soul that has chosen you as parents in this lifetime. It will be a sweet, focused, and dedicated experienced for both partners. 
It is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the yamas and niyamas (yoga’s ethical guidelines), spirituality, and Ayurveda, all of which will guide you towards Universal Truth. It is a time when karma will be intensified and when the heart will love in ways you never thought possible. 

I offer much gratitude for sharing my enduring love for Ayurveda and my mission to bring more awareness to couples on how to best bring a soul into this world.

With much love, 
Learn more about her incredible work and book a consultation with her here. 

Do-It-Yourself Skin Care (without crazy chemicals!)

As I peruse the aisles of beauty and wellness products in the store, I always feel completely overwhelmed with the options. Luckily now, there are great apps like Think Dirty that list ingredients and tell you exactly what’s inside of your facial products. 

I am a firm believer that if I can’t eat it, I don’t want it on my skin - either! 

Did you know that some chemicals from skin products (makeup included) are absorbed by the skin and sent into the circulatory system in under thirty seconds? That means most everything you’re putting ON your body is actually going IN your body.

Nowadays, I feel like I can’t walk around a grocery store without seeing something with a new “super-strength” or “fast-acting” agent that promises to take away your wrinkles, age spots, and just maybe make your farts smell like rainbows too. Okay, rant over - but I think you’re with me when I say that right there are SO many options out there, it can feel difficult to know what to choose. 

The truth is, skincare doesn’t have to be so complicated. 

Your skin wants to be fed nourishing, whole ingredients, just like your body. 

Everything in my life changed when I started to wake up to the marketing schemes of the beauty industry and started to take my health back into my own hands. 

Sometimes, the answer isn’t found in hundred-dollar creams or gold-infused masks. Magic happens when we come back to the wisdom held within simplicity and the wholeness of the medicine gifted to us by Mother Earth. 

Cue Rosemary Gladstar, the Fairy Godmother and magical witch of North American Herbalism. Her book ‘Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health’ She offers a natural cleansing grains recipe, and today I am respectfully offering you an altered variation of my own after years of playing with Rosemary’s original recipe.

Benefits of Cleansing Grains


Use this recipe in place of a facial cleanser for a natural alternative to chemical, synthetic based products. This recipe is perfect for those who experience inflammation, dryness, redness, oily skin, acne, hormonal breakouts - honestly, just about anything!

And remember, part of the joy of herbalism and making your own products is the PLAY that is invoked through the process. So feel free to experiment, follow your intuition, and add in your own special touches - that’s what being a witch is all about ;)

Choosing Your Clay Base

Everyone’s skin is different, which means it deserves special attention and specific ingredients to nourish it. Choose your base for this recipe by reading through the properties and effects of the clay using the guide below. 

White Clay

Also known as kaolin clay, I highly recommend this clay for those who experience sensitive, flaky, or rough skin as this clay is often the least drying. 

Red Clay 

Often sourced from the desert of Morroco, this clay binds with impurities to pull it out of the deeper pores of the skin. Red clay is a perfect choice for those who work in polluted environments, live in cities, or experience oily skin. 

Green Clay 

Green clay is high in minerals as it’s derived from mostly plant matter. This clay brilliantly adds minerals to the skin while extracting sebum from the pores to prevent breakouts. It’s a wonderful choice for those with sensitive skin who experience acne breakouts. 

Benonite Clay

This clay is sourced from ancient volcanic ash which makes it rich in minerals like silica. This clay is beneficial for most skin types and is easily accessible in most parts of the world. 



This recipe makes two months worth of facial cleanser (around 60 uses). Source organic, sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible to support your skin and the Earth.

  • ⅔  cup of oats

  • ½ cup of clay of your choice

  • ¼ cup sunflower seeds or almond seeds (two options provided for those with allergies) 

  • ¼ cup rose petals 

  • ¼ cup lavender flowers

  • ⅛ cup chamomile flowers

One of the reasons that I love this recipe so much is because it’s so EASY!

Making the Grains

Place all of your ingredients in a blender, set to low, blend until they’re well mixed and transform into a powder and then voila - your magical cleansing grains are ready. Store in a glass container away from the light either in the fridge or in a cool place to keep the oils from the almonds or sunflower seeds from going rancid.


To use, take a small handful in your palm, mix with a small amount of water until the grains turn into a paste, then spread over the face. Allow your skin to absorb the benefits of the ingredients for one to two minutes before washing off completely. 


And remember while you’re using them…. Life is short, be silly, be weird, have some freakin’ fun. 

I feel so radiant inside and outside when I wash my skin with these natural grains. It feels good knowing that not only am I taking care of myself with natural ingredients, I’m also taking care of the Earth.

I hope you have as much fun as I do playing with this recipe and I look forward to reading your experience in the comments below. 

The Healing Power of Flower Essences

Photo by Miranda Guzman Fernandez - check out her incredible work  here .

Photo by Miranda Guzman Fernandez - check out her incredible work here.

Flower essences capture the vibrational medicine of flowers and encode them into water to create potent, deeply healing medicine. Unlike teas or tinctures which use the body of the plant, flower essences capture the more subtle, spiritual, and emotional aspects of medicine. Their remedies offer gentle yet powerful medicine for pregnant mothers and children who otherwise may be sensitive to the strong side effects or harsh taste of other types of herbal concoctions. 

Directions for Flower Essence Preparation 

Flower medicine is a highly sensitive medium to work with, so added intention and care must be taken to capture the radiance of these teachers. 

When to Gather Medicine 

Flowers are most powerful just before their fullest bloom. Watching and observing the plant and how it blossoms into its most brilliant form is essential for capturing the most medicinal remedy. For day blooming plants, gather medicine in the morning just before or after sunrise. For night blooming plants, gather medicine just before or after sunset. Only fresh flowers should be used when preparing flower essences. 

How to Gather Medicine 

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything, and creating flower medicine is no different. Gathering your medicine should be done as a form of prayer, where all elements are honored for their devotion and part in nurturing the flower into life. When choosing medicine, always choose flowers that grow away from any type of pollution like roads or cities. Plants have the ability to absorb the toxins of their environment to clean the Earth, but these toxins will surely be released into the water if used in a medicinal preparation. 

Always set an intention before gathering your medicine to help cultivate communication with the plant. Before harvesting, hover your hands above the flower and ask for permission to harvest and listen. If permission is granted, pluck one leaf from the same flower and use this leaf to cover your hand as you harvest the blossom. This method ensures that the medicine will be as potent as possible as the subtle essence of the flower stays intact. Offer a symbol of gratitude to the plant after harvesting. Whether that’s leaving a small crystal, giving the plant a kiss, or saying a silent prayer - this strengthens your bond between yourself and Mother Earth as you recognize and honor our reciprocal and intimate relationship with Her. Always harvest sustainably and allow the Earth to regenerate her supply by never taking more than you need in that moment. 

How to Honor the Medicine 

From the moment the intention is conceived to the moment the medicine is placed back into the Earth - the process of medicine making is a meditation. Honor this ceremony and cycle of life by placing the body of the flowers back into the Earth after your medicine has been made. When medicine is placed in the trash, Mother Earth knows. Honor Her gifts by consciously returning her precious gifts back into Her soil once they’ve been used to make medicine. This closes the energetic cycle and seals the magic. 


Directions for Preparation + Ingredients Needed

  • Makes 1 Flower Essence 

  • 2 parts filtered, pure water 

  • 1 part Himalayan salt 

  • 1 glass or crystal recipient of water 

  • chosen flowers for preparation 

  • Sunlight 

  • 1 tinted tincture bottle to store the preparation 

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Set intention

  2. Mindfully harvest the flowers

  3. Intentionally place the flowers in the glass of water

  4. Place in the morning sun for  2 - 3 hours

  5. Pour the mixture into the tincture bottle, mixing it with 1 part Himalayan salt

  6. Label and place on your altar to honor the medicine 


Depending on your intention for the medicinal preparation, moonlight can also be used to extract the medicine from the flower. Since the rays of the moon are less powerful than the sun, the medicine should be kept out all night to absorb the healing energy of the moon. 

The Before And After Of A Rebirthed WOMBan


Let me tell you the story of my student, Elisabeth.

She signed up for an immersion with me thinking that it would be a nice break from her demanding work schedule.

Little did she know, what was in store would also require effort, but of a different kind…

On the outside, she was the picturesque vision of success. A budding career, a fulfilling partnership… even though she seemed to have it all, there was something BIG that was missing in her life.

She worked long hours at her demanding job and then went home and gave more of herself to her partner.

She continued to give and give until eventually, her body sent her a clear sign, there was nothing left for her.

The high stress, little rest lifestyle caused her hormones to spiral out of control.

For the first time in her life, she gained weight around her abdomen and experienced inflamed breakouts around her jaw and chin.

Although her periods became more and more painful, she took it as another obstacle in life to “power through”.

Finally one day, something changed. She was in the bathroom at work and she paused long enough to look at her face. Beneath the makeup, the fancy clothes, and the high heels - there was a woman that was hurting.

You see, Elisabeth’s story is like so many other women I know. Women who look like a ‘successful’ version of what society tells them they’re meant to be.

But on the inside, they know. They’re just playing a role in someone else's game.

When Elisabeth signed up for her first immersion with me, she was a shell of her potential, and she knew it. She arrived disconnected, stiff, and numb from the weight of living a life misaligned with her deepest, instinctual truth.

Today, she looks like a different person. Or maybe, just more herself than she’s ever been.

There is a softness in her face that was never there before. Her eyes glow with a sense of purpose and passion. Her periods are painless and used as a source of her POWER.

Instead of giving her energy to everyone else. Elisabeth finally gave herself permission to pour energy into HERSELF.

She’s not the only one who's been brave enough to step forward on this path and experienced profound healing through my proven method.

I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of women and now, I want to work with you.

I just can’t keep these secrets to myself any longer. I feel like I have a moral responsibility to share these life-changing, freakin’ revolutionary tools.

That’s why I created the 6-Week Online Womb Sciences Immersion. It’s time to expand the impact of this work - because you deserve access to real womb-based women’s health teachings and the profound healing that comes along with it.

In this six-week immersion, we explore how to…

  • Break away from dominating patriarchal practices on women’s health and unlock ancient womb-based education

  • Begin on the path of healing with real and grounded womb-literate tools that you can painlessly start integrating today

  • Discover your sacred female anatomy, reclaim your body’s innate wisdom and unleash the full power of your womb in less than two months

The revolution is here - and it’s knocking on your door.

The journey together begins on July 1st, and I will PERSONALLY be guiding you through this journey. Limited sacred spaces available! Sign up today for instant access to the first week’s lectures and embodiment practices.

Healing Chronic Imbalance: The Womb + Gut Connection


In last week’s post, I explored the ancient steaming ritual for balance, vitality, and radiance. Don’t worry love - if you didn’t catch my blog about yoni steams, you can still access all the steamy goodness here.

Self-care rituals and localized, focused vaginal treatments are great. But what happens when you find yourself dealing with the SAME state of imbalance, over and over again?

Yeah, I’m talking yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, embarrassing odor, dryness, itchiness, and all the challenges we often shy away from speaking about.

Well, it’s time to smash through the stigma. Let’s open the conversation.

I’m here to tell you - although over one-third of women will experience these states of imbalance in their lifetime, it doesn’t have to be the new normal. You don’t have to spend your life mitigating the uncomfortable and even embarrassing symptoms.

I want to help you heal the root cause of the imbalance, instead of just the symptoms.

The truth is, external rituals can only go so far. They support on the path to healing but often need other dietary, herbal, and even lifestyle support to truly shift a deep, chronic pattern of imbalance. If we want to make a lasting, sustainable change in the body, we have to look inside.

The vagina is a living ecosystem that relies on the support of many different types of bacteria not only to survive but THRIVE. Just like our external environment, the health of our inner environment is influenced by the intricate connection to all other systems.

What if we saw chronic states of vaginal imbalance for what they truly are - a symptom of a deeper state of disharmony. When we trace chronic vaginal imbalance back to its source, we almost always arrive at one place - the gut.

Yes, that’s right - your chronic vaginal imbalance might actually be a symptom of a root cause of an issue that lies within your gastrointestinal tract.


Our ‘developing’ world is obsessed with cleanliness - we do everything we can to fight the spread of germs through the use of products like anti-bacterial soap, spray, and especially antibiotics.

Not all bacteria are bad - actually, just the contrary. According to the National Institutes of Health, out of 100 trillion cells in the human body, only one in 10 of those cells is actually human. The rest are bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Chronic imbalance happens when low levels of beneficial bacteria allow for overgrowth of harmful organisms.

Although we’re often taught the contrary, the truth is - we NEED bacteria not only to survive - we need it to thrive.

From the time we are born, bacterial ‘seeds’ are released from our Mother’s vaginal wall and absorbed into the skin to eventually plant themselves in the gastrointestinal tract to ‘colonize’ the internal system. These bacterial seeds are nourished by the fresh breast milk, which is specially formulated to grow specific bacteria and disease-fighting antibodies.

Instead of seeing the body, mind, and spirit as a WHOLE entity, the modern medical system often sees it (and treats it) as separate entities. These days, everyone is searching for a ‘quick fix’, which often leads to a prescription to one most overused medicines available - antibiotics.

I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of women who come to our trainings and intensives after receiving treatment for their imbalance with round after round of antibiotics.

Although antibiotic treatment for yeast and bacterial vaginosis are sometimes necessary (for example if you’re pregnant or suffering from lower abdominal pain), they’re not always the answer. In fact, a recent study conducted by the CDC shares that over 30% of antibiotics are prescribed to patients unnecessarily.

Yes, that means that over 30% of people taking antibiotics, don’t actually need them.

Here’s the thing about antibiotics.

Antibiotics work rapidly. They not only lower levels of harmful bacteria that cause imbalance, but they also kill the beneficial bacterial along the way, leaving the body vulnerable to recurrent infection after finishing a round of treatment.

Listen to me - your body has a language. If we don’t learn to listen to it’s whispers, we will soon hear it’s screams.

Chronic vaginal imbalance is the body’s way of communicating, something deeper is going on.

The truth is, if you want to transform states of imbalance in the body, it takes an entire overhaul of the patriarchal ways of living that disempower and disconnect us from the natural, cyclical, and feminine ways of living.

I know you know there’s another way, and that’s why you’re here.

...I am PASSIONATE (if you can’t tell already) about supporting you with the education you deserve to learn the language of your body.

I've decided to tackle this issue head-on by doing what I do best,
talking and interacting LIVE with YOU!

Join me on Saturday (June 22nd) at 12 PM PST

I will share with you the three secrets to reclaiming womb health and
how you can easily start your journey to reconnection amongst a
group of loving and supportive sisters.

I want you to learn how to heal through chronic states of balance, track the gut-womb connection, and become a master of your inner experience.

And because I want to support you in healing chronic imbalance, reclaiming a feminine way of living, and finally kicking patriarchal patterns to the curb… here’s a few (there are hundreds more!) helpful tips to begin your journey of healing chronic imbalance.

Take a quality probiotic

Whether we’ve taken internal antibiotics or not, most of us exist today with compromised bacterial gut flora. From the increasing popularity of cesarean birth to the use of hormonal contraceptives, the gut flora pay the price for the ‘progress’ of our industrialized world. I recommend a quality probiotic to EVERYONE, but especially those who are searching for relief from chronic bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. When looking for a probiotic, important to search for strands of lactobacillus that both support the health of the vaginal wall and fight harmful bacteria overgrowth. Look for strains of lactobacillus reuteri, bifital bacteria, and Saccharomyces boulaardii to support your body in balancing both the gut and the vagina - at once!

Mitigate and lessen stress

High cortisol levels directly affect the health of our immune system by suppressing its function. A balanced, juicy, and happy vagina is accessible only in a state of thrival (I’ll say it again!). Thrival in our modern world means a nervous system that is fully responsive, integrative, and able to process and intelligently decipher real danger. Decreasing levels of stress is imperative to increasing quality of life, balancing hormones, and encouraging surrender to the divine current that is this crazy, insane life. In our Womb Sciences immersion, I teach two specific meditation practices carefully crafted to support you in recalibrating your nervous system.

Lower sugar intake

High blood sugar feeds the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Keeping your blood sugar stable through eating regular meals and eating at least 6 servings of vegetables a day is so important for healing chronic yeast and bacterial vaginosis.

My intention in sharing this information is for you to feel EMPOWERED with the tools to heal yourself. Although we have to take responsibility for our health, we’re not meant to do this work alone.

These are health challenges that over one-third of women world wide struggle with, so let’s work together to smash the stigma and remember - we DON’T have to suffer any longer.

I want to show you how you can reverse the years of symptoms and trauma using a holistic scientific and energetic approach in less than 2 months.

And I promise, I’m not just talking all ‘woo-woo’ stuff - I’m talking real, accessible, and comprehensive education that has the potential to seriously change your life.

I know what it’s like to feel disconnected, numb, and frustrated by your body. But I declare that this isn’t actually who you are, but rather a symptom of the sickness of the system you’re prescribed to.

There’s another way - one that feels more human, more intuitive, one that just feels right.

Are you in?

Revealing The Ancient Steaming Secret To Cultivate Radiance


The intricate connection between humans and land is undeniable.

As one of my favorite authors, Robin Wall Kimmerer shares, “The land knows us, even when we are lost.”

Our inner ecology is directly connected to our relationship with the ecology of our external environment. We can trace the numbness, pain, and challenges with fertility many modern women experience to our severed relationship with Mother Earth.

Eastern teachings share that the body is made out of the five elements; space, air, fire, water, and earth. We all come from the Earth, we are born from Her. When we disrespect the land, we disrespect ourselves.

If we desire to thrive instead of just survive, we must reclaim our right to live fully alive, connected, and in harmony with the Earth. To re-enliven our decaying relationship with the Earth is to reclaim the parts of ourselves that we have forgotten, shamed, and cast aside.

I know you are ready, and that’s why you’re here.

Ancient cultures across the world have used ritual as a vehicle to commune with the all-powerful energy of the Earth. Today I’m going to share with you one of the most simple, powerful, and effective rituals that I love to share with my students - yoni steams.

Ancient and thriving cultures bow down to the to all-powerful source energy located in the womb. The word ‘yoni’ comes from Sanskrit origin and means ‘sacred ‘sacred passageway’ or more literally, ‘source’. You can use this word, yoni, when you desire to vibrationally reconnect from the source of your being - the womb.

For centuries wise women have practiced this ritual to awaken, honor, and harness the power of the womb.

The ancient Greek women of Delphi would gather together and squat over the natural steam offered from the geysers and springs of the Earth. They would invite the warm steam into their wombs to open up the tissues and relax their area of creativity and procreation.

In Mexico, baños or baths are created with warm water and special medicinal herbs to clear the womb of unwanted energies and enhance fertility. With respect to the traditions of ancient and still flourishing cultures, we can integrate these healing techniques to form our own self care practice - what we call the ‘Yoni Steam’.

Yoni steams work by relaxing and opening the tissues of the pelvis while simultaneously integrating the medicine of the chosen medicinal herbs into the womb. They also increase fertility and aid in balancing hormones as the steam encourages fresh blood flow to invigorate the womb.

Women can use the medicinal steam for the following experiences:

  • Painful periods

  • Uterine prolapse

  • Bladder prolapse

  • Menstrual irregularities (scanty or heavy flow)

  • Pre/Post menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, discomfort, pain with intercourse

  • Prevention and treatment of bacterial infections (yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, trichomoniasis)

  • Healing after pregnancy

  • Eliminating odor

  • Vaginal lubrication

  • Preventing and eliminating hemorrhoids

  • Endometriosis

  • Ovarian cysts

  • Uterine fibroids

  • Healing scar tissue

  • Cervical polyps

  • And SO much more!

Yeah, when I said this ritual was powerful - I wasn’t messing around! Learn more about how to prepare the ritual by following the instructions below.

*Precaution* It’s important to note that yoni steams should NOT be used during pregnancy. To protect the Mother and baby from infection, the lining of the uterus builds in thickness throughout pregnancy. Any activity that causes the uterus lining to contract and cleanse itself, like yoni steaming, should be avoided.  

Directions for Yoni Steam Preparation


Ingredients Needed:

1 large pot with a lid

2 - 3 cups of fresh, filtered water

Medicinal herbs

Towel, skirt, or cloth to cover and direct the steam

Journal and pen for integration afterwards


  • Prepare 3 cups of boiling water in a big pot on the stove.

  • Hold herbs to your heart + womb to set an intention for the ritual.

  • Place herbs intentionally in the pot + cover for 3-5 minutes, while you meditate + hold one hand on the heart, the other on the womb.

  • Place your pot on the ground in your sacred space.

  • Cover your front + back with your two towels, so that the steam is funneled directly into your yoni + pelvic zone.

  • Remove the lid of the pot and ALWAYS place your hand over the steam first to make sure that it’s not too hot.

  • Squat over the steam for 5 - 15 minutes and breathe deeply, feeling your intention radiate throughout your body.

After the Ritual


Release the medicine back to the earth by taking the pot and depositing the plants outside - never into the trash. This signifies gratitude to the plants and the spirits that move through them. Allow 10 - 15 minutes afterward to be alone in sacred space free from electronics to journal and integrate the teachings of the plants.

Yoni steam rituals are a powerful tool to reconnect us with Mother Earth. When using the ritual, specific medicinal herbs should be chosen with care to support your desired outcome.

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Have you ever practiced a yoni steam ritual before? Feel free to use the comments section to share about your experience below!